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  • Seabright, Ansco Color Slides, 1946-1947

    Seabright, Ansco Color Slides, 1946-1947

    We’ve seen images of Werne Pahl and Bernice Adams, his wife, in B&W on the beach and in the water in 1946. These are two color equivalents for the earlier “Family, Pool, Box 17, 1946” blog post I had initially no clue where the below image was taken. Liz Schuler, Joel’s friend and neighbor for […]

  • Various subjects Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    Various subjects Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    In between all these different Ansco Color Slide boxes there were a few 1-2 slide series that didn’t belong with any other subject, but that were clearly taken in the same era. One of these didn’t make it into a cardboard frame. Another example of the last slide of the roll, cut off too short, […]

  • Ceramics, Kodachromes, Nov 21, 1947

    Ceramics, Kodachromes, Nov 21, 1947

    These 12 Kodachrome slides have subject material that is mostly identical to the 20 press format negatives we covered under the box #31 blogspot. This also puts a Nov 21, 1947 date on this slide photography. Of course, these slides are color and give us more depth on how the ceramics looked like. But it […]

  • Stockton Parade, Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    Stockton Parade, Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    Just like with the other Ansco Color Slides, we have other B&W negatives to identify the date. In this case, the parade is most likely in 1947, but could be as early as 1946, basing the earlier year on the presence of Honor Guards, a strong indicator of post-WWII pride. I’ll discuss the intro image […]

  • Santa Cruz, Ansco Color Slide, 1947-48

    Santa Cruz, Ansco Color Slide, 1947-48

    All these slides fall in the entertainment category. It’s clear they are taken in Santa Cruz, there are many recognizable landmarks, most of them no longer there. It’s hard to tell which year this is exactly, but we know from B&W images in dated boxes that Joel was in Santa Cruz a few times between […]

  • More Circus, Ansco Color Slide, 1947

    More Circus, Ansco Color Slide, 1947

    The next box I scanned had more circus subject and a few slides from a beach, Either Carmel or Santa Cruz, I still have to look for location clues. The circus slides below are all from the Clyde Beatty circus, photographed in first half May 1947 in Stockton. And in 1947, society looked differently at […]

  • Drewry Photocolor Slides, 1947

    Drewry Photocolor Slides, 1947

    Nineteen 35mm slides in a yellow/blue plastic box, prominently labeled “Drewry Photocolor on the 2” square cardboard frames. I had no reference for the photo processing house. So I did some online sleuthing to see if I could learn more, and was able to distill following blurb from the obituary for William Wallace Drewry Jr. […]

  • 35mm Ansco Color Slides, 1947-1948

    35mm Ansco Color Slides, 1947-1948

    I found a few undated 35mm color slides tucked away between all the negative boxes and sleeves. I was at first skeptical about the contents, without any written data on them. Turns out that Joel packed the 35mm camera with him when he went out with the larger Graflex Press cameras. In this case, there […]

  • Circus Clowns, Box 58, 1948

    Circus Clowns, Box 58, 1948

    Joel had marked this box with “Clowns” and “Clyde Baty”. The latter is the name of the circus, Clyde Beatty Circus. Clyde Beatty (1903-1965) is considered the most famous American lion tamer and animal trainer, and had his own circus from 1945 to 1956. He also played in nine movies, starting in 1933 with “The […]

  • Stanford, Box 58, 1948

    Stanford, Box 58, 1948

    Negative box 58 has a variety of subjects for a total of 26 images. Some on College of Pacific campus, most of them are other locations though. Joel must have visited Stanford University to photograph a sports event in late 1948. And he photographed the architecture as well, giving him more material for his portfolio, […]