Stanford, Box 58, 1948

Negative box 58 has a variety of subjects for a total of 26 images. Some on College of Pacific campus, most of them are other locations though.

Joel must have visited Stanford University to photograph a sports event in late 1948. And he photographed the architecture as well, giving him more material for his portfolio, not unlike the Carmel images.

The expiration date on this box is Dec 1948.

Stanford University, 1948
Fountain, Stanford University, 1948
Stanford University, 1948 (Printed)
Balcony, Stanford University, 1948

Not exactly sure where the next two horse race images were photographed. Both tell a story on their own.

Almost out of the gate, Horse Race, 1948 (Printed)
Horse Race, 1948 (Printed)

One 1947 image got lost in the shuffle, this belongs in another chapter. Printed and submitted for print in a COP publication.

COP Event, 1947 (Printed)

While we’re on the subject of printing images for COP publications, the images below were pretty much all published in the 1948 Naranjado yearbook in the Big Events section.

COP event, 1948, published in 1948 Naranjado
COP event, 1948 (Printed)

The fraternity mugs are individualized, some names can be partially read. This is 1948 for sure.

And then there’s “Drag”, COP 1948, published in Naranjado 1948

One of Joel’s swimming pool portraits equally made it into the 1948 Naranjado.

Swimming Pool portrait, COP, published in Naranjado, 1948

How Harry Pahl got lost in this box, I don’t know, but it is possibly telling for the time period these images were taken, on or around Thanksgiving 1947 ?

Harry Pahl and turkey dinner, Nov 1948
Harry Pahl and turkey dinner, Nov 1948

The rest of the negatives in this box are equally varied, and we’ll hold these for next blog post.

Cheers !

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