Santa Cruz, Ansco Color Slide, 1947-48

All these slides fall in the entertainment category. It’s clear they are taken in Santa Cruz, there are many recognizable landmarks, most of them no longer there.

SIghtseeing on the Sea Stag II, Santa Cruz, 1947-1948

It’s hard to tell which year this is exactly, but we know from B&W images in dated boxes that Joel was in Santa Cruz a few times between 1947 and 1948.

Fisherboat, Santa Cruz, 1947-1948

Liz Schuler pointed out in an email dated July 25, 2022 that the structure in the next slide was in Seabright, Santa Cruz.

Casa Del mar, Santa Cruz, Seabright area, 1947-1948

I couldn’t find much online about Casa Del Mar in the Santa Cruz area online from this time period, but I did find the post card below from 1940. (Roberts)

Casa Del Mar, Santa Cruz, 1940 (Roberts postcard, retrieved July 26, 2022)

Read the additional data and follow the link in my addendum July 26, 2022 at the bottom of this blog. All based on a 2018 blog post of Aric Sleeper for Santa Cruz Waves.

The next slide is undoubtedly Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz, Beach, Boardwalk and Entertainment, 1947-1948

The image below is a double exposure but it places the Santa Cruz beach and the roller coaster at the same time in a surreal way.

Double exposure, Santa Cruz, rollercoaster superimposed in the beach, 1947-1948
Fishing from the pier, Santa Cruz, 1947-1948
Rides. Santa Cruz, 1947-1948
Rides and roller coaster, Santa Cruz, 1947-1948
Santa Cruz, Concession Stands, Entertainment, 1947-1948
Vending and swings, Santa Cruz, 1947-1948

The last image is another double exposure, the first image seems to be a roadside image, the second image are trinkets in a tourist trap.

Double exposure, roadside image with trinkets display, 1947-1948

That’s it for this box, the next slide box has multiple assorted subjects.

Cheers !

Following was added on July 26, 2022 for emphasis on Seabright and the history of this area. Plugged from a blog post, link at the bottom, retrieved and edited for relevance.

Once upon a time, a small hamlet on the Monterey Bay grew into a village called Seabright. The beach in front of it only spanned a fraction of what it does today, and just near the point, around the mouth of the San Lorenzo River, was one of the best bodysurfing spots on the Central Coast.

The castle was first just a boxy, wooden structure known as the Seabright Hot Salt Water Baths, built in 1903 by the unofficial prince of the neighborhood, James Pilkington. The driftwood that often blanketed the beach fueled the bathhouse’s furnaces. In addition to the steam-heated rooms and changing areas, the nascent structure housed the private Seabright library.

Pilkington had a passion for helping Seabright, which was inspired and backed by a community of single, land-owning women who sought to transform the self-contained seaside neighborhood into a thriving cultural hub.

“This community was very unusual in that there were many women who were never married or [were] widows, and they were property owners in their own right,” says Bliss. “They had a lot of voice—and confidence in their collective voice—and took a huge interest in improving Seabright.”

The Scholl Marr castled thrived and died on Seabright Beach by Aric Sleeper, Oct 16, 2018.

Remembering Castle Beach by the Santa Cruz Museum

There’s also a recent book, Santa Cruz’s Seabright with Randall Brown and co-author Bliss.

Cheers !

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