Seabright, Ansco Color Slides, 1946-1947

We’ve seen images of Werne Pahl and Bernice Adams, his wife, in B&W on the beach and in the water in 1946. These are two color equivalents for the earlier “Family, Pool, Box 17, 1946” blog post

Werne Pahl and Bernice Adams, Seabright, circa 1946
Werne Pahl and Bernice Adams, Seabrightl, circa 1946

I had initially no clue where the below image was taken. Liz Schuler, Joel’s friend and neighbor for 20 years, came to the rescue.

The image below is the San Lorenzo river emptying into the Seacliff Beach, near Aptos.

San Lorenzo river emptying into Seacliff Beach, Aptos, circa 1946-1947

And now we’re sure that these trips are family affairs. Harry and Edra below, Harry is Warne’s father and Edra is his second spouse.

Harry Pahl and Edra Portsmouth, Seabright or Seacliff Beach, circa 1946-1947

Next image appears to be taken during a break from the car ride. In this case, I believe multiple cars were involved for the amount of adults and children.

Harry, Edra and Clara at right, with some of the grandchildren, circa 1946-1947

There are a few B&W press format negatives from this general area also, looking out to what I believed to be Carmel Bay. But with the new information from Liz Schuler, this could also be Aptos or neighbor Santa Cruz.

Candid beach image of cousins ? Seabright or Seacliff Beach area, circa 1946-1947

Liz Schuler knew about Amy Pahl, Joel’s aunt, owning a house in the Seabright/Seacliff Beach area of Aptos/Santa Cruz. Joel spent many weeks at his aunt’s house with the cousins every summer. This definitely explains the good amount of color and B&W images we’ve see from the Santa Cruz area.

Amy’s house on Pilkington Avenue in Seacliff, Aptos, CA. Circ 1946

The young lady, COP friend, modeling for Joel is no longer a stranger, we’ve see few B&W images and few Kodachrome slides before. This image is on an Ansco Color slide that’s remarkably well preserved.

Modeling for a beach portrait, Carmel or Seabright or Seacliff Beach area, 1947-1948

Initially not sure where the next interesting image was taken, Liz Schuler had following to say about this location.

The ship photo, known as “the cement ship”, is in the Seacliff area in Aptos, next to Santa Cruz. Now a State Park. There is a small museum there dedicated to the history of “the cement ship”.

The S.S. Palo Alto, Seacliff, circa 1946-1947, now a state park.

A quick online search shed more light on this story. I left one of the links at the bottom of this blog post for those in need of more history. This slide however is a time capsule, the cement ship lost its masts and fell in pieces over three quarters century of erosion.

This slide group we’ve been looking at today didn’t have any double exposures in it.

Once Joel was home, he focussed on his tomatoes and peaches. I’m only sharing a few images, one can handle only so much fruits and veggies !

These slides are clearly an attempt at commercial photography portfolio work. Observe the droplet on the tomatoes and peaches. Carefully sprayed to make them irresistible.

Tomatoes, circa 1948, Stockton on Anscochrome film base
Peaches, circa 1948, Stockton, on Anscochrome film base.

The color difference between these slides and the earlier ones is the difference between an “Ansco Chrome” and an “Ansco Color Slide”. The former were developed to compete with Kodachromes and are more resistant to fading, this all compared to the Ansco Color Slides we’ve seen over the last few blog posts.

Those tomatoes look pretty crisp to be 75 years old !

Last image for the day is a slide of flower petals in a glass shallow bowl.

Flower petals in shallow glass bowl, circa 1947, Stockton, on Anscochrome film base

Thanks Liz !

Cheers !

S.S. Palo Alto, aka “the cement ship”

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