Dardis Ancestry

An overview of Joel’s paternal ancestors, leading all the way to Ireland.

Joel’s father, Thomas Lawrence Dardis was born July 1873, most likely in the Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California area. That’s also the location on the 1880 census for the family.

Thomas Lawrence’s parents were Andrew David Dardis (1842-1913), a veterinarian, and Lida E. Kelly (1852-1916) Lida Kelly was born in Ireland, and at the current time, there is no further information available.

Andrew David Dardis on the other hand was born in or around Morrisburg, New York, United States about 1842. He married Lida Kelly in July 1879 in Sonoma, Sonoma County, California, United States. They have two children, Andrew David Dardis (1842-1913) and Lida E. Dardis (1879-?)

Andrew David Dardis was the son of Thomas and Margaret Dardis, both born in Ireland, in the first decade of the 19th century.

There is no certainty at the current time when they immigrated to the United States. Research is ongoing.

We do know they had three surviving children; Eileen, Andrew David and Thomas Dardis, all born in New York State.

Two generation ancestry for Thomas Lawrence Dardis, Joel’s father.