Various subjects Ansco Color Slides, 1947

In between all these different Ansco Color Slide boxes there were a few 1-2 slide series that didn’t belong with any other subject, but that were clearly taken in the same era.

One of these didn’t make it into a cardboard frame. Another example of the last slide of the roll, cut off too short, or squeezed-out one to many of the slide film roll.

Water Temple in Sunol, California, 1947-1948.

The regular readers of this blog will clearly remember that Joel had a few large press format B&W negatives of this Sunol Water Temple subject. Well, this is how it looked in color some 75 years ago.

The majorette in the image below is also no longer a stranger. Joel made sure to take 35mm “miniature format” color slides in addition to his press format B&W negatives.

Majorette, COP event, circa 1947

The two images from the rides below are most likely from the Santa Cruz trip, but they could just as easily be from a circus or fair event in Stockton.

Plane Ride, circa 1947, undetermined location.

The next one is a double or even triple exposure, but it does tie at least two rides together, but we still can’t be sure they are in the same location. Ferris Wheel could be in Santa Cruz, while the Plane Ride suggests a Stockton Circus event. Regardless, time is around 1947.

Ferris Wheel, Plane RIde, double or triple exposure, circa 1947

Next image appears to be photographed somewhere in the Delta at a water hole where one could spend some time in the sun or in the water, but also rent a boat and be on the water. Per Bill Maxwell’s suggestion, this is most likely at Lodi Lake, fed by the Mokelumne River.

Lodi Lake, weekend fun, circa 1947

A similar image got superimposed on an image of a fire situation. In this, we recognize an industrial fire we covered in B&W just after the Poultry Producers fire from July 1947. This double exposure again ankers the date in 1947.

Double exposure, water leisure and industrial fire, 1947

Next double-exposure somehow works in a surreal way. On one side, we have a rowboat/canoe water scene with people enjoying themselves, and in the background, we recognize a farm and barn scene from a trip to the East Bay Hills, most likely heading towards the Calaveras Reservoir.

Double exposure, water (Lodi Lake) over hills, 1947.

The B&W images from the Calaveras shoot were shot in 1947-1948.

There’s actually one more double exposure from the Calaveras Reservoir trip below.

Double exposure, hills over abandoned structure, 1947-1948

The abandoned structure can be seen in an earlier blog post. Quite frankly, this image seems to work also.

Which brings us to the question, is Joel experimenting with double exposures or does he miss advancing the film before taking the next shot ? 35mm cameras in these days required manual advancing of the film before (or after) each shot.

The last two color slide images could be from a different time period, it is hard to say. These were the only ones with a similar subject photographed in the evening.

McLeod Lake, boat storage, old courthouse dome in background with Hotel Stockton

It’s an interesting perspective, and Joel must have exposed for the dark foreground and let the background take care of itself and somewhat overexpose with all the bright lights.

Old Courthouse, dome lit up at night, year unkown.

Last image does have a spooky feel. Joel’s camera moved and there’s some blur, yet, the fogginess does give it some good appeal as a standalone image.

Cheers !


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