Oscar Galgiani

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Oscar Vincent Galgiani was born in Stockton, California on March 18, 1903. Oscar was of pioneer stock, his grandfather settled in Stockton in the 1850s.

As a teenager Oscar took painting lessons from his aunt, Anita Galgiani Miller, and at age 24 enrolled at the California School of Fine Art where he was a pupil of Stackpole, Piazzoni, Randolph, Mace, Hurtle, and Pole.

He became a close friend of Nelson Pole and often accompanied him on sketching trips into the Mother Lode country, Mono Lake, and the north coast. His most well known project was the two large murals he painted in the Stockton Courthouse.

Rather than settling in the Bay Area, Oscar remained a lifelong resident of Stockton, he taught locally for many years and was the recipient of several honors in his home town including the mayor’s proclamation on February 1, 1976 as Oscar Galgiani Day.

He died in Stockton on November 25, 1994. His work includes hundreds of landscapes and about 66 portraits.

Exhibited: Stanford University, 1930s; San Francisco Art Association, 1930s; Paul Elder’s Gallery, San Francisco, 1930s; Crocker Gallery, Sacramento, 1930s; Oakland Art Gallery, 1933; San Francisco Museum of Art, 1935; Stockton Art Association, 1937 (first prize); Society of Western Artists, 1940s.

Works Held: Stockton City Hall; San Joaquin County Courthouse; San Raphael Post Office, California; State Museum Resource Center, Sacramento; College of the Pacific.

Joel photographed some of Oscar’s work and submitted color images to “The Camera” Magazine in 1948.

Oscar Galgiani painted a portrait of Tully Knoles, President of College of the Pacific in 1944.

Oscar Galgiani with subject Tully Knoles. (Pacific Review June 1944)