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  • Stockton Main Street fire department activity, between 1957-1959

    Stockton Main Street fire department activity, between 1957-1959

    Dedicating this blog post to the local Stockton historians. I came across this images in Joel’s 3×4″ Press negatives. It’s clearly the JC Penney store on Main Street at the corner of American. That makes it post 1954 and pre 1965-ish. This negative was found in a box with 1959 basketball images. There seems to […]

  • COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    The images in previous blog post were all from the bench at the Pepperdine vs COP match from Feb 4, 1959. Box 105 has two more match dates scribbled on the side. San Jose State played COP on January 16, 1959 and USF played COP on Feb 13, one week after the Pepperdine match. Following […]

  • Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    While Joel was at SJC and COP, he submitted with great regularity images for the Pacific Weekly and the COP yearbook, Naranjado. Quite a few of his images were published from 1942 through 1948. Some years with credit but quite a few times there were no credits for the photographers that were not part of […]

  • COP Football Shoot, JFC, 1959

    COP Football Shoot, JFC, 1959

    Six negatives left over in 120 roll film format. The label on the envelope reads “COP Football, Sept 2, 1959” This confirms that Joel was shooting 120/220 format as early as 1959. I’ve seen a few other sample from that vintage float by. Joel still shoots the 3×4″ Press Format and the 4×5″ Large Format, […]

  • Vernal Falls, Yosemite, JFC

    Vernal Falls, Yosemite, JFC

    Although we’ve now seen all 4×5″ negatives out of Jessica’s Collection, there are still a few strips of 120 format (2 1/4″ wide roll film) negatives left to scan and look at. The first envelope I scanned contained 4 images of Vernal Falls in Yosemite. These 4 images are all taken consecutively. There was no […]

  • Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, JFC, 1982

    Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, JFC, 1982

    The date on this sleeve is May 29, 1982. There are a total of 5 negatives in this sleeve, all depicting Lake Tahoe and Fannette Island. Joel has photographed this before, but all we got to see where snapshots with friends and family. Joel is using multiple lenses to obtain the ratio he wants or […]

  • Armstrong Park, Santa Rosa, JFC, 1982

    Armstrong Park, Santa Rosa, JFC, 1982

    The negatives in this sleeve were a printing project based on two negatives. First negative is one of giant redwoods, something Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in Sonoma County is well known for. The second negative centers on fungi. These images were photographed on Feb 13, 1982. The original negatives were shot on 120 format […]

  • Japanese House, JFC, 1982

    Japanese House, JFC, 1982

    Joel choose a perfect day on December 1, 1982 to photograph the Japanese Garden at Micke Grove Park in Lodi. I showed few images from the same spot photographed by Joel in 1985 few blog posts back. This time however, Joel uses his 4×5 Graphic View camera to capture the foggy scenery. From prior experiments, […]

  • Bank of America Parking Lot, Sleeve 5

    Bank of America Parking Lot, Sleeve 5

    There’s no date on this 4×5″ negative sleeve out of my collection. A total of 7 negatives and a little puzzle to unravel. Joel photographed parking lot stripes from a Bank of America parking lot. No further location. The above image was photographed with Joel’s Koni-Omega medium frame camera. So after 1959, but more likely […]

  • Micke Grove, SFC, Dec 1985

    Micke Grove, SFC, Dec 1985

    This 4×5″ negative sleeve has”Mickey Grove, 12-28-1985″ written on it with “16×20 print page 23-6” There are only 3 negatives in this sleeve and they all depict the same scene. Based on Joel’s writing in the edge of the film, I can figure out that development of these negatives was done under different conditions, resulting […]