Bank of America Parking Lot, Sleeve 5

There’s no date on this 4×5″ negative sleeve out of my collection.

A total of 7 negatives and a little puzzle to unravel.

Joel photographed parking lot stripes from a Bank of America parking lot. No further location.

The above image was photographed with Joel’s Koni-Omega medium frame camera. So after 1959, but more likely around 1964.

Joel’s shadow prominently features in the image as well as the older arrow striping versus new striping.

Something in this images made things work for Joel and he combined the next image into it.

You never know when you’ll need a bunch of question marks … right ?

Joel made composite artwork, mixed-media style, from these two negatives. He photographs some of the intermediate steps as well as what appears to be the end result.

Joel must have printed these negatives a few times each, and then superimposed these pieces and photographed them again. Just wondering who the inset head belongs to. Is that food for another story ?

The end result is multi-media art and has a definite graphic feel to it. Some of the patterns were reversed in color. Light becomes dark and vice versa.

The second series of these images receive a different treatment, the basic parking lot image is barely touched. But overall, it’s the same concept as the first series.

And the last image is a proper crop, no more borders in the image. It is not clear to me if Joel ever printed this image, but he definitely used graphics arts skills acquired during his COP student days.

Joel tried his hand at many different aspects of art and photography, he was a creative individual.

Cheers !


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