Micke Grove, SFC, Dec 1985

This 4×5″ negative sleeve has”Mickey Grove, 12-28-1985″ written on it with “16×20 print page 23-6”

There are only 3 negatives in this sleeve and they all depict the same scene. Based on Joel’s writing in the edge of the film, I can figure out that development of these negatives was done under different conditions, resulting in a different rendition of the image in terms of lightness and contrast. Standard fare for development in a wet darkroom.

From the writing, I also understand that these 4×5″ negatives were made from a medium format negative photographed with his Koni-Omega camera with a 90mm WA (wide angle) lens at f 22 with a 2 second exposure.

Mickey Grove, Japanese House, Dec 28, 1985 – (page 23-4)
Mickey Grove, Japanese House, Dec 28, 1985 – (page 23-5)
Mickey Grove, Japanese House, Dec 28, 1985 – (page 23-6)

The last negative is the one Joel retained to print from on 16″ x 20″ paper. That’s a very sizable print that would look good on any wall.

Some background information on the Japanese Garden in Micke Grove, Lodi, CA.

“This beautiful Japanese Garden had its beginnings in 1959 through the guidance of “Duke” Yoshimura. In 1959, “Duke” came to work in Micke Grove Park and asked Mr. William Micke for permission to build a Japanese Garden for the Japanese community to show solidarity with the people of San Joaquin County.

“Duke” contacted Nagao Sakurai, who had served 20 years as landscape architect at the Imperial Palace in Japan before coming to design gardens in the United States. Mr. Sakurai agreed to design the garden, and it was dedicated in April, 1965.

The garden is surrounded by 60 Kwanzan flowering cherry trees with five Akebono flowering cherry trees in the central area of the garden.

Three religions have an influence in the garden. Shintoism is expressed in the use of stones, Buddhism is visible in the use of lanterns and Taoism is manifested in the islands.”

Definitely worth a visit !

Few more sleeves to scan and discuss out of the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives.

Cheers !

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