Stockton Main Street fire department activity, between 1957-1959

Dedicating this blog post to the local Stockton historians.

I came across this images in Joel’s 3×4″ Press negatives. It’s clearly the JC Penney store on Main Street at the corner of American.

That makes it post 1954 and pre 1965-ish. This negative was found in a box with 1959 basketball images.

There seems to be firefighters activity at the location of the Reiman Camera store at 528 E Main Street. There is however no smoke, flames nor water visible.

We do see the two hoses going up at the fire escape ladders, and the fire ladder is all the way extended to the roof.

Did Joel capture a false alarm or was this simply training at night ?

Firefighter activity on Main Street, 500 block, date unknown.

I’ve not found any other images from the same location, same time. Leaving this up to the Stockton historians to offer suggestions !

Cheers !

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