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  • More Various, Box 80, 1942-1951

    More Various, Box 80, 1942-1951

    The rest of negative box 80 covers familiar and unfamiliar subjects, none of these subjects were photographed at the same time or even in the same year. First images I actually found in this box, was most likely not photographed by Joel, but by his father. This is not a press negative format but an […]

  • Ektachrome, Box 51, 1947

    Ektachrome, Box 51, 1947

    Although Ektachrome implies “color”, there are only black and white negatives in this yellow Kodak box with a Dec 1947 expiration date. Multiple subjects together and the 1947 date is as such in question for the vast majority of negatives. There’s a “Thom Family, about 1947” pencilled with another “Santa Cruz” marking. At least, that’s […]

  • Beach, Box 46, August 1946

    Beach, Box 46, August 1946

    Stepping some two years back, this box has “August 1946” pencilled on it. We’ve seen few beach images in 1946 already, and these negatives seem to be part of the same time period. These images are of the “snapshot” variety, the photography documenting the who, what, where, why of things. The first image though could […]

  • Fireworks, Box 36, 1946-48

    Fireworks, Box 36, 1946-48

    There are a total of 16 images in this box, covering multiple subjects. Some of these belong in other boxes, nothing unusual, these negatives were picked over a few times. The pencil date on the box is 1947, there are images in there that belong to the next box to discuss. Two fireworks images are […]

  • Stragglers, Box 35, 1946-48

    Stragglers, Box 35, 1946-48

    A box of 16 negatives and only a single date on the box, 1946. Stragglers of sorts, as on first sight, they don’t belong together. A closer look though, reveals that these images relate well to previous blog posts. In short, they are all misplaced stragglers of sorts. The first image I scanned stood out […]

  • Box Car City, Box 25, 1946

    Box Car City, Box 25, 1946

    I took me some research to figure out what the contents were of this box. The lid had following notations; Houses, Terminous, Woodbridge, Stockton 1946. Checking the history of Terminous online, I found a reference to “Box Car City” and then the light bulb went on. All these shacks were clearly built on box car […]

  • Emil F. Pahl, Box 20, 1946

    Emil F. Pahl, Box 20, 1946

    There are a few scribbles on this box. First there’s Emil Pahl and child, but we’ll find out about more family members utilizing genealogical research in the process. There’s equally Christmas 1946. There’s sufficient coherence in the images to suggest that the majority of these were taken during a Christmas visit. Emil Pahl was a […]

  • More color, June 14, 1946

    More color, June 14, 1946

    Yesterday was actually our 50th blog post in this discovery of Joel Pahl Dardis photographic work. We’ve seen over this time some 750 images so far. Below are a few more Kodachrome images from the June 14, 1946 box. These are all Carnival or Circus related. We’ve seen some isolated slides before on this subject […]

  • Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    This box had escaped my attention before since we had a miscellaneous Sept 1946 blog post already. This box however, confirms the Regatta images to be prior to June 14, 1946 as similar scene’s unfold now in full color. You may remember this images from previous post. Below is the color equivalent, taken a few […]

  • Boats etc., Box 19, 1946-47

    Boats etc., Box 19, 1946-47

    There are two penciled in dates on this box, 1946 and 1947. Makes it a bit uncertain when this event was exactly photographed. All the images are recognizable as a regatta style event, photographed in the Stockton Harbor and Lake McLeod. A total of 20 negatives and we’ll be looking at quite a few of […]