Ektachrome, Box 51, 1947

Although Ektachrome implies “color”, there are only black and white negatives in this yellow Kodak box with a Dec 1947 expiration date. Multiple subjects together and the 1947 date is as such in question for the vast majority of negatives.

There’s a “Thom Family, about 1947” pencilled with another “Santa Cruz” marking. At least, that’s something.

The first images is the same woman we ended last blog post with. Santa Cruz area, most likely 1946-1948 time frame.

Unidentified young woman, 1947-1948, Santa Cruz Printed)

There’s an unidentified mother feeding a baby image, but this image falls in line with the previous “Babies” blog post. It’s our duty to take the family and friends baby images.

Mother feeding child, 1946-1948

Next image is a straggler for the SJC/COP pool area, somehsat of a reject image, but Joel had a habit of hanging on his images.

SJC/COP pool, unidentified young woman, 1946-1948

There are two landscape images in this box.

Sunset Bay View, 1946-1948
Bay View, 1946-1948

There’s a roller coaster image, most likely in the Santa Cruz area also

Roller coaster next to train tracks, Santa Cruz area ? 1946-1948

The next image triggered a memory, I had seen this young woman before in color. And the face looked familiar. The darker skin tone in the face is because of the sun screen she’s wearing and Joel shooting orthochromatic film stock.

COP Student, 1948, Santa Cruz (Printed)
COP Student, 1946-1948, Santa Cruz, on Kodachrome
COP Student, 1946-1948, Santa Cruz, on Kodachrome

I had not shown the Kodachrome images before as they were in a 1942 box and I had questioned the time frame in light of subject matter. It’s the same young woman as in the B&W photo, the latter is minus the beach towel.

The remainder of the negatives are most likely all Pahl family, if confirmed, then these images are late 1945 or so.

Beverley Brooks and Richard Pahl
RIchard Pahl
Richard Pahl and the family dog
RIchard Pahl, cousin Diane Lynn Pahl and Penelope Pahl, older brother Thomas Pahl is absent.
Two Pahl siblings, RIchard and Penelope.
Penelope Pahl, Mother Beverle Brooks and Richard Pahl,

Finishing this off with two images from the Water Temple (1910) in Sunol. This building is still there, I photographed it few times from 2009-2011.

Sunol was a train stop on the way from Stockton to San Jose, so it is quite possible Joel used the train to travel at times.

The Sunol Water temple is worth visiting when open,

Sunol Water Temple, 1946-1948 (Printed)
Sunol Water Temple, 1946-1948 (Printed)

That’s it for this blog post, A bit of everything and a lucky find connecting 35mm Kodachrome slides together with a B&W negative.

Cheers !

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