More color, June 14, 1946

Yesterday was actually our 50th blog post in this discovery of Joel Pahl Dardis photographic work. We’ve seen over this time some 750 images so far.

Below are a few more Kodachrome images from the June 14, 1946 box. These are all Carnival or Circus related. We’ve seen some isolated slides before on this subject and it appears now that the 1946 circus and carnival contents are possibly spread over multiple 1946 boxes.

Circus, Stockton, 1946
Sky RIde Stockton, 1946

Joel did do a great job stopping the action by clicking the shutter when the circular motion from the person is almost at a “standstill”.

Merry-go-round, circus, Stockton, 1946
Elephants, circus, Stockton, 1946
Circus Tent, Stockton, 1946
Circus car detail, Stockton, 1946
Circus background, Stockton, 1946
Bactrian Camel, Stockton, 1946
Circus Elephant Woman, Stockton, 1946

Seems to me from the above image that this is all happening close to a cemetary.

Circus Elephant Woman, Stockton, 1946

Although Joel missed his camera focus on this image, or there was too much movement during taking of this shot, I found it important to include. Gives us some insight how Joel approached this scene.

Circus performers, Stockton, 1946
Circus mime, Stockton, 1946
Sad Circus Clown , Stockton, 1946

There’s a little mystery hidden in this box. A strip of paper with “Dolly Boyd, Galt” written on it and underneath, I found following “double take”. The last image is exposed again because it was the last image on the roll and you can’t get an extra one. But we’ve all done it.

Last image of the roll, Circus, Stockton, 1946

Based on two online high school records, there was a Dorothy “Dolly” Boyd in Galt.

The bottom image shows a majorette and she’ll be back in another image.

There are 3 more slides left in this box with consecutive cardboard frame stamped numbers. These came from the same sequence.

Images are showing a parade somewhere on COP property. Since we’ve equally seen few isolated COP parade slides earlier, another sign that 1946 contents got spread over multiple 1946 boxes over time.

Queen of Tokay High School, COP Stockton, 1946
Sheriff’s Posse, Sacramento, COP Stockton Parade, 1946
Drum and Bugle Corps, COP Parade, 1946

And yes, the majorette is back, leading the drum major. Confirming the mixing of multiple boxes into one.

We’ll be staying in 1946 for a little longer in next blogpost with press format negatives of Joel’s uncle Emil Pahl and his extended family.

Cheers !


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