Boats etc., Box 19, 1946-47

There are two penciled in dates on this box, 1946 and 1947. Makes it a bit uncertain when this event was exactly photographed.

All the images are recognizable as a regatta style event, photographed in the Stockton Harbor and Lake McLeod.

A total of 20 negatives and we’ll be looking at quite a few of them. Joel still loves boats, and I expect that will most likely remain a subject in the future.

Sailboats, Stockton, 1946-1947
Sailboats, Stockton, 1946-1947
Sailboats, Stockton, 1946-1947
Sailboats, Stockton, 1946-1947

And yes, Joel took many images of this boat with the two couples. I suspect they are either friends, or, one couple is family. There’s a scribble on the lid of the negative box that reads either “Darl Boat” or “Pahl Boat”. The pencil mark is too smeared out to be certain of either interpretation.

The only markings on the sail of this boat are either “a2” or “q2”, based on an out-of-focus shot from that day.

Plane and waterski, West Lane Airport, Stockton, 1946-1947
Plane and waterski, West Lane Airport, Stockton, 1946-1947

To make sure there’s no confusion, these two images above are not consecutive. These are two separate runs. It is simply not possible to flip a sheet film holder around, pull the darkslide, set the shutter and get the shot.

Plane marked West Lane Airport, Stockton, 1946-1947
Motor boat race, Stockton, 1946-1947

The above negative is a copy of the original negative. This was clearly taped down in an enlarger or contact printer.

Swimming race, Stockton, 1946-1947
Waterski stunt, Stockton, 1946-1947
Ready to water ski, Stockton, 1946-1947

Next few images are from a sail boat race.

Regatta, Stockton, 1946-1947
Regatta, Stockton, 1946-1947

Last image is most likely from the same day, somewhere in Stockton Harbor and most likely falls in the category “family, friends or neighbors.”

Fred Sr and Loretta Tulan, Fred worked for SFD, they were neighbors of Joel Pahl Dardis.

This was the last one of the boxes that I could find with expired film (May 1943) photographed after Joel returned from his service in WWII.

I’m almost certain that Joel is already photographing with his Graflex Super D press camera. Racing and airplanes require shutter speeds faster than 1/100th of a second to freeze motion and his older Zeiss Trona maxed out at 1/100th of a second.

Next boxes we’ll be examining are all “fresh film” but we are still in the 1946-1947 timeframe as Joel is studying at College of the Pacific.

Cheers !

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