Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

This box had escaped my attention before since we had a miscellaneous Sept 1946 blog post already.

This box however, confirms the Regatta images to be prior to June 14, 1946 as similar scene’s unfold now in full color.

You may remember this images from previous post.

Regatta, Stockton, before June 14, 1946

Below is the color equivalent, taken a few minutes later. It does go to show that Joel is on the road with two cameras as a real photography enthusiast.

Regatta, Stockton, before June 14, 1846

Next images are all photographed at the same event.

Airplane waterski, Stockton, before June 14, 1946
Speed boat race, Stockton, before June 14, 1946
Regatta, Stockton, before June 14, 1946
Officials, Stockton, before June 14, 1946
Officials, Stockton, before June 14, 1946

There are a few more waterside based images in this box and the numbers stamped in the cardboard frames are consecutive, a sign of similar timing. I do not believe however that these images are from the Stockton area./

Unknown location in California (Santa Cruz ?), before June 14, 1946
Boat, pier and large buildings, Santa Cruz, California, 1946

We had in the Sept 1946 box a shot of Canway, a leftover of the 1939-1940 Exhibit on Treasure Island. This may relate to this, or it could be an unrelated structure that no longer exists. One and other would fit from a timing perspective, it is possible to mix slides from one box to another one adjacent in time.

Few more images, out of 20, in this particular Kodachrome box.

Pahl House, location TBD, 1946

We’ve seen this house before in B&W press negative a while back. That time, Clara and Amy Pahl were sitting in front with Butch and most likely a nephew. I assume at the time that this was in Stockton as both Clara and Amy Pahl lived on Walnut. (524 and 403 respectively.) The house above clearly carries a “100” house number, so this might be another Pahl family member’s residence. And that would explain Butch and the little girl playing in this street. The search continues for this location. (EDIT, this may be Amy Pahl’s vacation house in the Seabright Beach area, Santa Cruz. I’ve only learned about this July 25, 2022)

Not sure if the bloom images are Stockton or other locations, we know by know that Joel loves color and won’t hesitate to photograph nature.

Somewhere in California, 1946
Lupines, somewhere in California, 1946
Color, somewhere in California, 1946
Somewhere in California, 1946
Somewhere in California, 1946
Bougainvillea, somewhere in California, 1946

The last shot from this box is not framed as it was the last shot on the roll and as such, too short to fit the cardboard slide frame.

Why do I show it ? It’s from a building that’s most likely no longer there and I had to do some research to find more on it.

Collegeville, CA, 1946

Collegeville is a bygone village. Somewhere on the intersection of South Jack Tone road and Mariposa Road, outside of Stockton.

It named after the college erected there in 1866, but the building was destroyed by fire and never resurrected.

Around 1879 you could find the traditional wayside saloon, a blacksmith and wagon shop, a butcher, church and eight or nine residences.

Our modern car lifestyle most likely caused the decline of this area, as well as many other forgotten little towns in the San Joaquin Central Valley.

There’s still a cemetery where some of the early settlers are buried.

Cheers !


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