Fireworks, Box 36, 1946-48

There are a total of 16 images in this box, covering multiple subjects. Some of these belong in other boxes, nothing unusual, these negatives were picked over a few times. The pencil date on the box is 1947, there are images in there that belong to the next box to discuss.

Two fireworks images are worth discussion. In order to do it right, one needs a pretty long shutter speed, so the sparkly trails are visible. No different than trying to capture lighting strikes. Error and trial are in order.

Fireworks, 1947, Stockton

The above image has a good balance, it clearly shows the multiple explosions painting the sky.

In the image below, it’s a bit too much of a good thing, but the advantage now is that we see the fireworks display is at water’s edge. There’s no indication if this is a 4th of July or a New Years affair. Observe how the water ripples are smoothed out, we’re looking here at an exposure time exceeding 10 seconds.

Fireworks, 1947, Stockton

There were three more images with small bursts of fireworks. They are not interesting on their own, but combined with a larger one, they are keepers. It’s not possible to tell if this was something that was part of Joel’s retouching toolbox.

Three fireworks negatives from Joel combined into one. (Rudi A Blondia)

There are two more circus images, this time we’re looking at elephants. These must be all from the same shoot, just separated over time and ending up in boxes in close proximity.

Circus Elephants, 1947, Stockton
Circus Elephants, 1947, Stockton

This must have been quite the attraction in the days for kids and adults alike.

Few more misplaced COP images.

Feeding the tigers, Circus, 1947, Stockton
Swimming pool event, COP, 1946-1947
COP Dance Event, 1947-1948
COP event, 1947-1948

And by now Joel has a pattern photographing cheerleaders with batons. The young lady is featured in quite a few of Joel’s image at COP.

Cheerleading and baton twirling at COP, 1947-1948
Cheerleading and baton twirling at COP, 1947-1948
Delta Ferry, 1946-1948

Joel took this ferry at some point, we’ve seen the buildings at right across the water in a different shot. These juxtapositions allow to understand the how and why over time, and organize images in a logical way.

The last two images are from January 1946. Not sure how they ended up here without mentioning the content.

These are copies of Joel’s discharge papers, dated January 13, 1946. There’s equally a copy of a check.

All these documents have a good amount of personal information disclosed. All of this will be discussed in due time when I’m able to put a “Joel in WW II” page together.

Joe’s WWII Service Discharge Papers, Jan 13, 1946 (Joel printed this)
War Department “Mustering Out Pay” check for $100, dated March 13, 1946

Joel’s upside down reflection can be seen in the above image. The check dates these images to somewhere mid to late March, 1946. Joel wanted to be sure there was lasting evidence of this transaction, closing off a significant chapter in his life.

This check was sent out from Camp Beal, datemarked March 14, 1946.

Tomorrow’s blog post is about yet another COP party event.

Cheers !

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