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  • Selfies, Box 93, April 1949

    Selfies, Box 93, April 1949

    I don’t believe Joel would have these self-portraits “selfies”, but I’m sure he would have adopted with the time. The date is April 9, 1949. Next are the left overs in box 93, two portraits of his mother to set-up the lighting, and then there are a good amount of self-portraits. Not sure what’s going […]

  • Nancy Reynolds, Box 91, 1949

    Nancy Reynolds, Box 91, 1949

    “Nancy Reynolds, June 1, 1949” is written on the side of the box. Checking the Naranjado 1949 College of Pacific, we find reference to Nancy Reynolds being the Alpha Theta Tau’s Spring Belle for 1949. The 12 images below are an exercise in mostly seated portraits. It’s quite a nice series. Joel keeps on average […]

  • Class Portraits, Box 89, 1949

    Class Portraits, Box 89, 1949

    The “Class Portraits” writing was on the edge of the box, and there are indeed a few portraits of a student doing lab work in the rest of the negatives of box 89. There’s no information noted on the young woman. Next are some images of Queens in the 1949 Mardi Gras parade. Reba Watterson, […]

  • Portraits, Box 30, July 1947

    Portraits, Box 30, July 1947

    Two subjects in this box of 17 negatives. “P. Bush, July 1947” and “John Pearce Child, July 1947” I’ll be showing all the converted negatives, even after 75 years, these are someone’s relatives or ancestors. P. Bush ends up to be a number of portraits of a young couple sunbathing in a grassy area. I […]

  • Three Girls, Box 18, 1946

    Three Girls, Box 18, 1946

    That’s what’s written on the cover of press negative box 18. It also says June-July 1946. I believe this was somewhere at COP, and it is also possible more than one photographer was involved that day. It’s all an exercise in grouping and angles. And fighting the California sun. Squinted eyes and stressed faces, not […]

  • Family, Pool, Box 17, 1946

    Family, Pool, Box 17, 1946

    Box 17 contains 12 negatives. There are few names on the cover of this box, there’s just no certain way to attach a name to a face as that relationship is lost to non-family members. Yes, Joel is photographing a few Pahl family members. Some of the faces we’ve seen before on his 22nd and […]

  • Portraits, Box 16, 1946

    Portraits, Box 16, 1946

    The vast majority of the negatives in box 16 are portraits and I believe this the result of a class assignment. There are portraits indoors and outdoors, some of the outdoors portraits utilize a reflector in an attempt to enhance facial lighting. There are a total of four young ladies in the picture, I don’t […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 10, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 10, 1942

    When doing the first scan of the negatives in box 10, it becomes clear that boxes 9 through 11 got mixed and they all got a few stragglers in them. Twinty negatives squeezed in a box of 12, something has to give. All these negatives are, according to the writing on the box, photographed in […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    This box has 22 negatives in it and the label says “Ortho-X” as film material. Joel is experimenting again or this was all he could get in the store. There are also two pencil writings on the box. Top says “Scott”, below it reads “Foley Kids” Let’s take a look at the mix of subjects […]