Press Negatives, Box 10, 1942

When doing the first scan of the negatives in box 10, it becomes clear that boxes 9 through 11 got mixed and they all got a few stragglers in them.

Twinty negatives squeezed in a box of 12, something has to give.

All these negatives are, according to the writing on the box, photographed in 1942.

Let’s start with the straggler image in this box, an infrared negative from “Moon over the Golden Gate bridge.” We know Joel visited the Bay Area and San Francisco at times.

Moon over Golden Gate Bridge, 1942.

It doesn’t seem Joel used a #25 red filter in the above image as the sky is light as would be expected from infrared film without filtering.

Out of this series of 20 images, two are duds, and I won’t be showing these here.

Unidentified man, 1942

The above individual was also present in Box #9. At least, Joel has a sense of humor and seems to like a joke. Flashlight in your face …

The following three images are also male portraits, experiments in posing, angles and lighting.

Unidentified man, 1942
Unidentified man, 1942

The lighting effect above is probably achieved with a very narrow spotlight, could very well be a small theatrical light, but it looks good as a hairlight. Pretty sure Joel was reading the Camera Craft magazines etc. from the day.

Unidentified man, 1942

The remaining images are from the woman that was featured in the previous blog post. It all makes more sense now seeing it all in sequence. All these portraits were taking as part of an evening of fun and learning.

Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942

It now appears that the images we discussed in the previous blog post, were most likely taken last. As a photographer you *know* when you have a keeper or killer shot.

There’s a negative showing two women, one of them is wearing a pin with M A. Wondering if this was all photographed in Joel’s living room ?

Unidentified women, 1942

There are 6 football images in this box, I’ll show those together with the other sports images from box #11.

One more box in this series before we evaluate Kodachromes again.

Cheers !

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