Class Portraits, Box 89, 1949

The “Class Portraits” writing was on the edge of the box, and there are indeed a few portraits of a student doing lab work in the rest of the negatives of box 89.

Weighing of a carton of milk, in-class portrait, COP, 1949
Under the magnifier, in-class portrait, COP, 1949

There’s no information noted on the young woman.

Next are some images of Queens in the 1949 Mardi Gras parade.

Pat GIottonini, Epsilon Lambda Sigma, Queen of the Mardi Gras, 1949, COP
Nancy Blackburn, Mardi Gras Parade, Queen Candidate, 1949, COP
Reba Watterson, Miss California, 1948 in COP Mardi Gras Parade 1949

Reba Watterson, from Yreka, CA, was one of the COP “celebrities” at the time. Reba was the Mardi Gras Queen in May 1948 and became Miss California that same year. That title brought her many hostess opportunities across the nation with extensive travel, accompanied by her mother.

She participated as Miss California in the Miss America pageant in 1948.

Reba Watterson as Miss California 1948, unknown photographer

Reba Watterson also had a few lines as a receptionist in the movie “All the King’s Men”, mostly filmed in Stockton, with few scenes at the College of the Pacific. See below for reference.

From “The Stockton College Tarzan”, Vol 1, December 17, 1948

She also portrayed Margaret Fleming in the 1949 COP theater production of “Margaret Fleming”

Three more portraits from a model shoot or a class assignment.

Glamour portrait, unidentified woman, circa 1949
Glamour portrait, unidentified woman, circa 1949
Glamour portrait, unidentified woman, circa 1949

One image of dairy being bottled at a Golden State facility. Location or date are unknown.

Bottling dairy at Golden State, circa 1949

And then there are few images of a specific building on campus.

COP campus, 1949, Stockton
COP campus, 1949, Stockton
COP campus, 1949, Stockton

As usual, there’s always more in a box than what the pencil marks allude to.

There are 5 more 1949 boxes to go through.

Cheers !

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