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  • COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    The images in previous blog post were all from the bench at the Pepperdine vs COP match from Feb 4, 1959. Box 105 has two more match dates scribbled on the side. San Jose State played COP on January 16, 1959 and USF played COP on Feb 13, one week after the Pepperdine match. Following […]

  • Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    While Joel was at SJC and COP, he submitted with great regularity images for the Pacific Weekly and the COP yearbook, Naranjado. Quite a few of his images were published from 1942 through 1948. Some years with credit but quite a few times there were no credits for the photographers that were not part of […]

  • COP Football Shoot, JFC, 1959

    COP Football Shoot, JFC, 1959

    Six negatives left over in 120 roll film format. The label on the envelope reads “COP Football, Sept 2, 1959” This confirms that Joel was shooting 120/220 format as early as 1959. I’ve seen a few other sample from that vintage float by. Joel still shoots the 3×4″ Press Format and the 4×5″ Large Format, […]

  • UOP Football, JFC, 1961

    UOP Football, JFC, 1961

    This sleeve with 4×5″ negatives from the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis Negatives mentions Sept 27 – Nov 15, 1961, UOP Football. None of the limit dates correspond with a football match at UOP as far as my research shows. In between these two dates there are 9 matches in total. There are 9 negatives […]

  • COP – UCLA, JFC, 1957

    COP – UCLA, JFC, 1957

    Another football match recorded by Joel Dardis, with 4×5″ negatives from the Jessica Fong Collection. Joel photographed most of them with the telephoto lenses he’s been playing with from the bleachers. The date is November 16, 1957. Based on the amount of slant in the images, I assume Joel photographed from two different locations, possibly […]

  • COP – Fresno State, JFC, 1957

    COP – Fresno State, JFC, 1957

    Next 4×5″ negative sleeve in the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives has 7 negatives of the Pacific Tigers versus Fresno State Bulldogs, on September 28, 1957. Joel is back in the bleachers, playing with his telephoto lenses and exploring the possibilities. The first and last image are shots that Joel couldn’t have taken from […]

  • Lens Test at COP, JFC, May 1957

    Lens Test at COP, JFC, May 1957

    With a new camera typically come new lenses. As far as I can tell, Joel used a single lens on his Press Graflex RB Super D, and that is the 152 mm Kodak Ektar lens this camera most often came with. (or a 190mm lens for the 4×5″ format Super D.) Below an images of […]

  • Portrait, Basketball, Box 104, 1960

    Portrait, Basketball, Box 104, 1960

    There are still a few negatives left in the “High Time Fire” negative box. The basketball images are from a Pacific-Fresno State match or were these images from the HIgh Time movie ? Joel’s camera doesn’t move an inch, so it is mounted on a tripod and that is something we didn’t see yet from […]

  • UOP Water Tower, JFC, 1962-1963

    UOP Water Tower, JFC, 1962-1963

    We now call the “UOP Water Tower” simply Burns Tower. When Joel penned this on the sleeve in 1962, he may not have known about the Burns dedication. The dates from Joel on this sleeves are Nov 1962-June 1963, possibly the timespan of his 4×5″ construction negatives in this particular sleeve from the Jessica Fong’s […]

  • Dick Bass, COP-San Jose, Box 102, Nov 1958

    Dick Bass, COP-San Jose, Box 102, Nov 1958

    The date is November 8, 1958 and College of Pacific is playing San Jose State. I’ve indicated before to keep a close eye on all of Joel’s football images of 1956-1959. There are plenty of them showing #22, so I checked who was wearing the jersey. Dick Bass. From Pacific website Hall of Fame: Joel […]