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  • Boat stuck in Stockton Channel, Sleeve 1

    Boat stuck in Stockton Channel, Sleeve 1

    By chance, the first sleeve with 4×5″ negatives in my own collection of Joel Dardis negatives, had as subject yet another boat. This brought up memories of the first negatives I got to see from 1938, where Joel photographed a boat where a worker had an accident. In this case Joel only shot 3 negatives. […]

  • Woman in Boat, Sleeve 2, 1959

    Woman in Boat, Sleeve 2, 1959

    There’s a regatta in Stockton on July 19, 1959. Joel loves boats and he is present. This particular sleeve also has “Woman in boat” written across. Five 4×5″ negatives in total. I also came across 3 images Joel cropped and printed from these negatives. This gives us some insight on how Joel sees into his […]

  • Delta King, JFC, May 1959

    Delta King, JFC, May 1959

    The exact date of this sleeve with 4×5 negatives in Jessica Fong’s collection of Dardis images is May 2, 1959. The Delta King is well known in the Delta area, but I did have to check out the history from a time perspective to make sure the May 2, 1959 date on the sleeve is […]

  • Colorado & Cincinnati, Box 98, Fall 1956

    Colorado & Cincinnati, Box 98, Fall 1956

    There are two locations with dates on this box. Colorado, Sept 22, 1956 and Cincinnati Oct 6, 1956. I found a work pass for Joel under the lid. So he’s photographing on location for COP. Not sure what Joel’s official capacity was, but in light of the work pass, I assume he was invited for […]

  • Segarini’s, Box 69, Oct 1948

    Segarini’s, Box 69, Oct 1948

    Joel wrote following on the lid of this box of 16 press format negatives. Segarini Store, Gov. Warren, Navy Day and Oct 24, 1948. (Which was a Sunday.) Earl could have been stomping for Thomas E. Dewey as running mate for the 1948 election. The latter is merely conjecture, Stockton historians may be able to […]

  • San Francisco, Dec 1947

    San Francisco, Dec 1947

    These images were found in box 24 with the Jack Pahl Dec 25, 1947 images. We can’t be sure that these images are from that time period but it would make sense for Joel to pass by one of his favorite subjects when he was in the Oakland/Berkeley area to visit family. Most of the […]

  • Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    This box had escaped my attention before since we had a miscellaneous Sept 1946 blog post already. This box however, confirms the Regatta images to be prior to June 14, 1946 as similar scene’s unfold now in full color. You may remember this images from previous post. Below is the color equivalent, taken a few […]

  • Boats etc., Box 19, 1946-47

    Boats etc., Box 19, 1946-47

    There are two penciled in dates on this box, 1946 and 1947. Makes it a bit uncertain when this event was exactly photographed. All the images are recognizable as a regatta style event, photographed in the Stockton Harbor and Lake McLeod. A total of 20 negatives and we’ll be looking at quite a few of […]

  • Kodachrome, April 23, 1946

    Kodachrome, April 23, 1946

    April 23, 1946 says the processing slip in the next box of Kodachromes sent back to Joel from the Los Angeles processing center. Clearly after the war, so we know Joel made it back home. There are 12 slides in a box of 12, but that doesn’t mean that they are in the proper box […]

  • Florida, August 1943

    Florida, August 1943

    It appears that on his days off, Joel played the tourist or he bounced back and forth between training sites. He visited multiple places in Florida and left us a few slides behind so we can piece some of it back together. On Sunday August 8, 1943, Joel is in Lakeland, Florida. All we have […]