Kodachrome, April 23, 1946

April 23, 1946 says the processing slip in the next box of Kodachromes sent back to Joel from the Los Angeles processing center.

Clearly after the war, so we know Joel made it back home.

There are 12 slides in a box of 12, but that doesn’t mean that they are in the proper box of course.

Three subjects in this case. Nature in the form of colorful spring flowers, few fruit images and more importantly, images of the Stockton harbor.

But first, the flowery images. Clearly taken at different locations and on different days, showing off spring at its best.

California poppies, yellow mustard flower, daisies, unknown location.

I’m personally very partial to the first image, love the glowing hills with the tree line at the horizon.

Yellow mustard flower, unknown location.
Yellow mustard flower, unknown location.
Tree blossom, unknown location
Daisies, unknown location.
Purple daisy-like flower, unknown location
Shrub in bloom, unknown location
Irrigation ditch near an orchard, unknown location.

After this color palette exercise, we find few images of fruits.

Peaches, unknown location
Peaches, unknown location
Figs, unknown location

The three previous fruit images look like someone’s homework.

Last but not in the least subject are three images that play in the Stockton Harbor and most likely in the 1946 time frame.

USS LST-78 and USS LST-379, Stockton Harbor, 1946

Thanks to http://www.navsource.org, we find out that LST-78 was active in the Asiatic-Pacific theater. She was decommissioned in March 8, 1946 and earned 4 battle stars for WWII service.

Similarly, we find that LST-379 was active in the Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign. She was decommissioned on Feb 28, 1946 and equally earned 4 battle stars for WWII service.

The background in the above images, places this all in the vicinity of the Stephens Brothers Boat Builders and Designers company and neighby Stockton Iron Works.

Stockton Harbor, 1946

The same background in the above image where the Stockton Iron Works brick building is clearly visible. Both foreground hangar style structures are no longer there. These would be neat the current stadium based on my walk-the-neighborhood survey.

Stockton Harbor, 1946

The last image gives us a reference to the two arched-top hangars, no longer there, but also we see in the distance at right, the Baptist and Central Methodist church with in the right corner the Medico Dental building.

To make this perspective work, the two arched top hangar style buildings must have been where the current ballpark and arena are.

The Harbor is constantly in flux.

There is one more Kodachrome box to discover in 1946.

Cheers !


Links to various subjects covered in this blog with plenty of history and more references to peruse.





Stephens Brother Boat Builders and Designers



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