Boat stuck in Stockton Channel, Sleeve 1

By chance, the first sleeve with 4×5″ negatives in my own collection of Joel Dardis negatives, had as subject yet another boat. This brought up memories of the first negatives I got to see from 1938, where Joel photographed a boat where a worker had an accident.

In this case Joel only shot 3 negatives. The sun was shining in his lens and he played with a few settings to have a guaranteed good image. There’s a note on the sleeve that this image was printed in 11×14″ size. Joel loved boats as a subject.

By waiting till the sun was partially obscured by a cloud, Joel did get a well balanced image.

I couldn’t find anything specific on this incident, and there is no date mentioned on the sleeve. I only know that Joel started shooting this format in 1957, so this image is definitely post 1957.

“Island Engineer” boat stuck in Stockton Channel
“Island Engineer” boat stuck in Stockton Channel

The name of the boat is “Island Engineer”, unfortunately no immediate references found on-line.

Cheers !


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