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  • Coastal Trees, JFC, 1957

    Coastal Trees, JFC, 1957

    There’s this sleeve in the Jessica Fong Collection promising a COP football match in 1957, and all I found were positive 4×5″ B&W slides of trees taken in a coastal area, most likely between Santa Cruz and Carmel. Although there are 8 images in the sleeve, only 3 negatives were involved. Joel is experimenting with […]

  • COP – UCLA, JFC, 1957

    COP – UCLA, JFC, 1957

    Another football match recorded by Joel Dardis, with 4×5″ negatives from the Jessica Fong Collection. Joel photographed most of them with the telephoto lenses he’s been playing with from the bleachers. The date is November 16, 1957. Based on the amount of slant in the images, I assume Joel photographed from two different locations, possibly […]

  • COP – Fresno State, JFC, 1957

    COP – Fresno State, JFC, 1957

    Next 4×5″ negative sleeve in the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives has 7 negatives of the Pacific Tigers versus Fresno State Bulldogs, on September 28, 1957. Joel is back in the bleachers, playing with his telephoto lenses and exploring the possibilities. The first and last image are shots that Joel couldn’t have taken from […]

  • Lens Test at COP, JFC, May 1957

    Lens Test at COP, JFC, May 1957

    With a new camera typically come new lenses. As far as I can tell, Joel used a single lens on his Press Graflex RB Super D, and that is the 152 mm Kodak Ektar lens this camera most often came with. (or a 190mm lens for the 4×5″ format Super D.) Below an images of […]

  • COP Boxing, JFC, April 1957

    COP Boxing, JFC, April 1957

    Further exploring the 1955-1959 timeframe,I found a few sleeves in Jessica Fong’s Collection of Dardis negatives with the “Boxing, April 26, 1957” written on them. No further information about schedules nor athletes. These negatives are all shot as 4×5″. It’s most likely, from the angles and perspectives, including lack of positional movement, that Joel’s camera […]

  • Construction, Box 99, July 1957

    Construction, Box 99, July 1957

    There were few more negatives left to check in box 99. The date for those is Friday, July 19, 1957. All of them are related to construction of what appears to be a commercial structure, possibly with a residential or office add-on within the same lot. There are no further references on the box, so […]

  • Salley, Box 99, July 1957

    Salley, Box 99, July 1957

    The date associated with the Salley (sic) images is Sunday, July 14, 1957. There’s a construction subject also with a second date of July 19, 1957. Salley and her mother must have been family friends or close neighbors. Joel would photograph Salley later in life also on other occasions. These photographs were most likely taken […]

  • Carson Mansion, JFC, circa 1957

    Carson Mansion, JFC, circa 1957

    The second sleeve out of Jessica Fong’s Collection of Dardis photography contains 4×5 B&W negatives. Thats a major departure from Joel’s use of press sized negatives (4.25″ x 3.25″, or 3×4 in short) This implies that Joel bought himself a new camera to work with. Although upgrading from 3×4 to 4×5 doesn’t seem much, it’s […]

  • Kodak Ektachrome, Box 95, 1957

    Kodak Ektachrome, Box 95, 1957

    This yellow Kodak Ektachrome box has an expiration date of January 1948. Joel had developed this color film stock as B&W to experiment with the rendering of the tones and contrast. Joel always liked to experiment. We’ve discussed these negatives quite a while ago. What’s in the box ? Three subjects and some. There’s a […]

  • COP Homecoming, Box 78, 1957

    COP Homecoming, Box 78, 1957

    Although this box has an expiration date of Dec 1949, the contents are mostly related to the “Homecoming Parade” of College of Pacific on Saturday, October 19, 1957. We’re jumping 8 years ahead, and yes, there’s a difference in feel noticeable throughout the images. The world is changing. Tommy, the Pacific Tiger, is prominently featured […]