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  • COP Events, Football, 1942

    To close this series of press negatives off, below are all the images from events labeled 1942. The majority are from a football match. There’s absolutely no other information available. Shooting sports with a press camera is no mean feat. There is no time to focus, all shooting is done in predetermined focus zones and […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 11, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 11, 1942

    Last box I found with the “Feb 19, 1943” date written on it and “Pictures Taken 1942” Twenty two negatives in a box of 12 and a mix of subjects. There’s also a mix of types of film based on shape of the notches on the negatives. Starting out with family images. One cannot escape […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 10, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 10, 1942

    When doing the first scan of the negatives in box 10, it becomes clear that boxes 9 through 11 got mixed and they all got a few stragglers in them. Twinty negatives squeezed in a box of 12, something has to give. All these negatives are, according to the writing on the box, photographed in […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 9, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 9, 1942

    Next three boxes of press negatives to evaluate have all the same date on them. February 19, 1943 in addition to the note that “Pictures taken 1942”. First box out of the three carries “Pahl Jack family” and “20 in hear” (sic) There are indeed 20 negatives in the box, covering two subjects. First we […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    This box has 22 negatives in it and the label says “Ortho-X” as film material. Joel is experimenting again or this was all he could get in the store. There are also two pencil writings on the box. Top says “Scott”, below it reads “Foley Kids” Let’s take a look at the mix of subjects […]

  • Press negatives, Box 7, 1942

    Press negatives, Box 7, 1942

    SIxteen images in a box of 12, with multiple subjects, making it clear that Joel, over time, mixed multiple boxes slightly out of order. Keeps it more interesting, but on the other hand, makes it also more difficult to relate images to a trip of subject. There were no specific pencil notes on this box. […]

  • Infrared Negatives, Box 6, 1942

    Infrared Negatives, Box 6, 1942

    I found 4 infrared negatives in the previous box, and based on subject matter, I stayed away from discussing these and keep publication for this blog post. There are 23 negatives in this #6 box, and they are all Eastman Film Infrared negatives. Although there was no expiration date on the prints, subject matter clearly […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 5, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 5, 1942

    It appears Joel is no longer shooting SJC artwork for class. I found 16 negatives in a box of 12, but 4 negatives are clearly infrared film, so they don’t really belong in this box anyway. There’s are a few subjects in this box. Let’s start with dog puppies, looks like Butch, the Dardis family […]

  • Joel Dardis, May 1942, Camera

    Joel Dardis, May 1942, Camera

    We found this image below tucked away in the 1946 Naranjado yearbook of the College of the Pacific in Joel’s book case. Joel’s name and address are in the yearbook directory, confirming he enrolled in college after his military service in WWII. The writing on the back of this glossy print indicates May 1942, so […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Looking at the last box of press format negatives in the box labeled ART, Jan-June 1942