Press negatives, Box 7, 1942

SIxteen images in a box of 12, with multiple subjects, making it clear that Joel, over time, mixed multiple boxes slightly out of order. Keeps it more interesting, but on the other hand, makes it also more difficult to relate images to a trip of subject. There were no specific pencil notes on this box.

First image is another infrared image of a more industrial place that clearly belongs in the group we discussed in previous blog post.

Infrared image of industrial building at water edge, 1942

The bands at the left hand side are most likely development issues. I suspect Joel tray developed multiple negatives at the same time and few must have stuck together. And this is not something Photoshop will fix easily.

Laundry lines at lean-to shacks, Stockton ?, 1942

It is not clear to me if the above building still exists or where it could have been. I suspect Stockton downtown area.

Farm accessory buildings, photographed multiple times, 1942

The above image belongs in a different series, we’ve seen similar images in prior blog posts.

Stockton Ice and Fuel Co, 1942
Unidentified location (Delta ? Mormon Slough ?), 1942

Not sure on which trip this image was taken, or if the large white structures left and right have anything to do with the previous Stockton Ice and Fuel Co. photograph. Joel found it important to put on film, he had his reasons. Short of finding his notebook, we can only guess, it’s 80 years after the fact.

SJC/COP excursion, 1942

There are few images from an excursion, mostly likely SJC/COP related. Joel photographed during a lunch break. There maybe a reference to this event in a Pacific Weekly or Pacific Review in 1942. To be researched.

The girls eating, SJC/COP excursion, 1942

Not sure if the below images were from the same trip, but they were all in the same box and shot on the same type of film.

Unidentified student, ready for a swim, 1942
Unidentified young woman, unidentified location, 1942

Two images from what appears an abandoned mine, possible the goal of the excursion. Bill Maxwell found a reference to this mine in Joel’s college geology reports. IT is an abandoned mercury mine on Mount Diablo.

First image has clearly development issue due to tray processing multiple negatives at the same time.

Old Mercury Mine, Mount Diablo, 1942
Old Mercury Mine, Mount Diablo, 1942

Initially it was not clear where the next image is in this box. Mike Sanguinetti as well as Bill Maxwell suggested it was the mill at Knight’s Ferry as seen from the south or the covered bridge. The power of internet at work !

Knight’s Ferry Mill as seen from south or covered bridge, 1942

Three images from what appears to be the same young woman on two different occasions.

Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942

And to finish this blogpost, a most likely staged photo op during the SJC/COP excursion.

Cloverleaf, Blue Ribbon Farms, Grade A Milk and Gravem-Inglis Holland Bread.

This is an image with printing potential, although something went wrong in developing. Reads as publicity for Cloverleaf Blue RIbbon Farms, a Stockton dairy, and Gravem-Inglis Holland Bread, from a Stockton bakery.

One more box of press negatives labeled 1942 before we switch to some more Kodachrome slides from similar vintage.

Cheers !

7 responses to “Press negatives, Box 7, 1942”

  1. Structure at waters edge, unidentified location, 1942″

    this could be the old flour mill/power plant in Knight Ferry.. shot from the south side or the covered bridge


    • Thanks Mike for providing invaluable information. I need to go visit Knight Ferry one of these days to get a better idea of the sights of this area !


  2. I really enjoy seeing and reading all about the Stockton, I was born in. Some I remember and some not, but enjoy all of it. Thank You for taking the time to show us all of it.


    • Thanks Doris, and I’m happy you enjoy the images. There is indeed much lost but it is through finds like this, that we can keep memories and history alive.


  3. Rudi: Some of these photos are in the college geology reports I got from Joel’s estate. The building by the river is the Knights Ferry mill; the mine is a mercury mine on Mt. Diablo.


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