Press Negatives, Box 11, 1942

Last box I found with the “Feb 19, 1943” date written on it and “Pictures Taken 1942”

Twenty two negatives in a box of 12 and a mix of subjects. There’s also a mix of types of film based on shape of the notches on the negatives.

Starting out with family images.

Amy Pahl with Butch, and Clara Pahl, unidentified young man, mid 1942 ?
Butch and doggie friend, 1942
Young girl, 1942
Kids on sidewalk, adult watching, 1942

One cannot escape the notion the kids are somehow Pahl family members, traveling to Stockton for a visit, but I don’t have confirmation of this. There was a photo of this girl with Butch (or a Butch puppy) two blog posts ago in Box 9

The next series of images are from a SJC homework or essay assignment. Joel often illustrated his work with photographs.

Experiment, 1942
Experiment, 1942
Experiment, 1942
Experiment, 1942

Any suggestions on the above are welcome from the blog readers, it reminds me of jellyfish but I’m out of my depths here.

If the previous blog posts didn’t make it clear yet, Joel likes to photograph women. Following image all somewhere at a California beach. We know from 1941 Kodachromes he visited Santa Cruz and Carmel. There are also image from San Francisco in 1941 and 1942.

Of course, these could have been students of SJC or COP on a leisurely outing, we won’t know unless Joel documented it somewhere, yet to be found.

Three women in the Pacific somewhere in California, 1942
Unidentified woman, 1942.
Unidentified young woman, 1942
Unidentified young woman, 1942
Unidentified young woman, 1942
Unidentified young woman, 1942

I’ve arranged the images in angle of photography. Free pointer … shooting down onto a subject is not always flattering. Keep the camera level is a good starting point.

Images are all taken when the sun is almost overhead, so close to summer equinox. Sun is never directly overhead in continental USA, but the shadows are really short in most of the images.

Unidentified young woman, 1942

Next blog post we’ll look at the sports images from SJC/COP from box 10 (6 images) and box 11 (7 images).

Cheers !

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