Press Negatives, Box 5, 1942

It appears Joel is no longer shooting SJC artwork for class. I found 16 negatives in a box of 12, but 4 negatives are clearly infrared film, so they don’t really belong in this box anyway.

There’s are a few subjects in this box.

Let’s start with dog puppies, looks like Butch, the Dardis family dog, had a cute litter.

Butch’s puppies outside the rear door, 1942
Butch’s puppies on display near the garage, 1942

There is a single image of a most likely abandoned mine.

Abandoned mine, unidentified location (Jackson, CA ?), 1942

And an image of firefighters fighting some sort of lumber mill or planing mill fire. It is not clear if this is a 1942 event, but I hope to come across some more information in the near future.

Lumber mill fire, Stockton ?, 1942 ?

Quite a few images of Morris Chapel stained glass windows but also one where the chapel is still wrapped in scaffold. This would date the image well before April 1942.

Morris Chapel under construction, COP, 1942
Morris Chapel, Stained Glass Window, COP, 1942
Morris Chapel, Stained Glass Window, COP, 1942

Closing this blog post with 5 images from a track event most likely at SJC/COP. There’s a single student athlete that is featured and the box carries in pencil “David Farley, 4 shots.”

Track event, 1942
Track event, 1942
Track event, 1942
David Farley at track event, 1942
David Farley at track event, 1942

We do see the dreaded light leaks popping up again and fogging up the area where the darkslide is pulled in the film holder. It’s clearly more prominent outdoors in bright sun.

Since the four other landscape negatives are made on infrared film, I’ll discuss these in the next blog post when we look at negatives of an Eastman Film box marked “Infrared”

Cheers !

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