Month: July 2022

  • Dr. Nelson Hospital, Box 71, 1948

    Dr. Nelson Hospital, Box 71, 1948

    Dr. George Nelson was a veterinarian, with an animal hospital at 1234 N Wilson Way, Stockton, this according to the Stockton-Lodi City Directory of 1949. We can’t be sure how Joel got to do this commercial photoshoot. Maybe Dr. Nelson knew Joel’s late father, Thomas Lawrence Dardis, a veterinarian himself. The first three negatives however […]

  • Folk Dance, Box 70, Dec 1948

    Folk Dance, Box 70, Dec 1948

    There were few scribbles on this box of 21 negatives. “Folk Dance”, with a date of Dec 5, 1948. and then there was mention of few “clubs” and Naranjado. Stepping back for a second, this is the 70th box of press negatives scanned, for a total of some 2100+ images, including a good number of […]

  • Segarini’s, Box 69, Oct 1948

    Segarini’s, Box 69, Oct 1948

    Joel wrote following on the lid of this box of 16 press format negatives. Segarini Store, Gov. Warren, Navy Day and Oct 24, 1948. (Which was a Sunday.) Earl could have been stomping for Thomas E. Dewey as running mate for the 1948 election. The latter is merely conjecture, Stockton historians may be able to […]

  • Collins Wedding, Box 68, Sept 12, 1948

    Collins Wedding, Box 68, Sept 12, 1948

    This negative box contains 23 negatives, all related to a wedding that according to Joel’s scribble, took place on Sept 12, 1948. There is no location mentioned. I check the usual resources and couldn’t locate any Collins wedding around that time frame in Stockton. Then it dawned on me that this could be any locations, […]

  • Majorettes and football, Box 67, 1948

    Majorettes and football, Box 67, 1948

    There are two subjects in this box. What appears to be few images from majorette out of a parade we’ve seen before. This time there’s an name, I can make out Jo Ann Fonseca-Marquard (sic). There’s also a note “Lodi Parade”. The rest are images from a Loyola – Pacific football game at night in […]

  • Joel Pahl Dardis, from 1921 to 1948

    Joel Pahl Dardis, from 1921 to 1948

    This blog post was only possible with the support of Liz Schuler, providing a number of childhood photos of Joel himself. I had a few, Liz provided the rest. And I’m almost sure more will come out of the woodwork. Joel was born June 6, 1921 and he graduates COP in 1948. It’s high time […]

  • Seabright, Ansco Color Slides, 1946-1947

    Seabright, Ansco Color Slides, 1946-1947

    We’ve seen images of Werne Pahl and Bernice Adams, his wife, in B&W on the beach and in the water in 1946. These are two color equivalents for the earlier “Family, Pool, Box 17, 1946” blog post I had initially no clue where the below image was taken. Liz Schuler, Joel’s friend and neighbor for […]

  • Various subjects Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    Various subjects Ansco Color Slides, 1947

    In between all these different Ansco Color Slide boxes there were a few 1-2 slide series that didn’t belong with any other subject, but that were clearly taken in the same era. One of these didn’t make it into a cardboard frame. Another example of the last slide of the roll, cut off too short, […]

  • Diebenkorn, Box 64, 1948

    Diebenkorn, Box 64, 1948

    We’re setting a short step back to box #64 with June-July 1948 timestamp. When I scanned the image below, my jaw dropped and I held my breath when this image was revealed line by line on the screen. Richard Diebenkorn is a very recognizable, singular and distinguished American painter, draftsman, and printmaker who successfully explored both abstract […]

  • Ceramics, Kodachromes, Nov 21, 1947

    Ceramics, Kodachromes, Nov 21, 1947

    These 12 Kodachrome slides have subject material that is mostly identical to the 20 press format negatives we covered under the box #31 blogspot. This also puts a Nov 21, 1947 date on this slide photography. Of course, these slides are color and give us more depth on how the ceramics looked like. But it […]