Collins Wedding, Box 68, Sept 12, 1948

This negative box contains 23 negatives, all related to a wedding that according to Joel’s scribble, took place on Sept 12, 1948. There is no location mentioned.

I check the usual resources and couldn’t locate any Collins wedding around that time frame in Stockton. Then it dawned on me that this could be any locations, this job could have come to Joel through a variety of channels.

Bride and bridesmaids, obligate mirror image, Sept 12, 1948
Bride, bridesmaid and mother, obligate mirror image, Sept 12, 1948

In the second image Joel used a light to lighten up the background in the mirror.

Bride and father portrat, leaving the house (#2101) Sept 12, 1948

The house number above, 2101, led me on a wild goose chase trying to figure out how many streets in Stockton even had this house number. (31 in 2022 … )

None of the addresses remotely matches the more opulent style of place here. This is most likely not in Stockton (or Lodi).

Bride and groom during the backyard ceremony, Sept 12, 1948
The ring on the finger, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)

Joel learned from his previous wedding, where he missed the ring shot. This is obviously not during the ceremonie, but works as well and less risk.

Joel works his way through the obligate wedding image list.

Signing the marriage certificate, groom, officiant, best man, Sept 12, 1948
Bridal portrait, Sept 12, 1948

Reception line and bridal party portraits are next.

Bride and groom at the reception line, Sept 12, 1948
Reception line overview, Sept 12, 1948 … the fashion !
Bride and groom with bride’s parents, Sept 12, 1948
Bride and groom with maid-of-honor and best man, Sept 12, 1948
Extended family, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)

The bouquet toss was most likely next. The bride choose to toss the bouquet from the balcony.

Getting ready for the bouquet toss, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)
Bouquet toss, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)
Tossing the bouquet, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)

Capturing the bouquet is always the hardest part, and requires typical a wide-angle shot.

Bride and groom coming down the stairs after the bouquet toss, Sept 12, 1948

Now it’s time for the cake cutting.

Cutting the cake by the newly weds, Sept 12, 1948
And another cake cutting portrait, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)
No words needed, Sept 12, 1948 (Printed)

Then it’s the turn for the other guests to have some cake.

Newly weds and parents, Sept 12, 1948

And yes, there’s an end to the festivities. The bride changes in a more comfortable outfit and makes their exit for the honeymoon, or so we assume !

Exit for the car, Sept 12, 1948

All in all, this wedding photography adventure worked out quite well for Joel. He’s learning.

But photographing weddings comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it is a give-away that Joel wants to be a professional photographer and make a living of photography in general.

There’s more commercial work in the next few boxes.

Cheers !

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