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  • Stockton Camera Club, JFC, 1968

    Stockton Camera Club, JFC, 1968

    The Stockton Daily Evening Record of Thursday, November 11, 1948 has following front page news article: “The Stockton Camera Club was organized last night with 47 camera enthusiasts on hand for the meeting in Weber School Auditorium. The Club will meet every two weeks, with the next session set for November 23 at a place […]

  • YMI – Graduation, Box 87, July 1948

    YMI – Graduation, Box 87, July 1948

    The exact date on the box is July 18, 1948. Graduation is self explanatory, and YMI in this case stands for Young Men Institute. Joel photographed members of Weber 49 -YWI (Young Women Institute) in 1946. This time there’s a parade with the male and female section of this Catholic group. And as we will […]

  • Dredger, Box 86, April 1948

    Dredger, Box 86, April 1948

    Based on the April 15. 1948 date pencilled on the box lid, we’re taking a step back in time. Two subjects, portraits of a young man, and images of a large piece of dredging equipment. Heavy equipment is always a good subject. Technology is always a good conversation topic, and from a photography perspective, lends […]

  • Dr. Scott’s Children, Box 85, 1948

    Dr. Scott’s Children, Box 85, 1948

    We came already across box 75 with images of Dr. Scott’s children, and this box 85 has earlier images of Dr. Scott’s children Susan and Stephen. Based on the indoor decorations, and the age of the children, I put this photoshoot in December 1948. The first shoot we looked at from box 75 was somewhere […]

  • Valley Ice Co, Box 83, 1948

    Valley Ice Co, Box 83, 1948

    Box 83 had one more industrial activity as subject. Sizing large ice blocks to the proper dimension so they would fit iceboxes. Remember these ? Between harvesting ice from frozen rivers and the invention of the electrical refrigerator, ice was made in ice houses rough industrial electrical refrigeration. Joel photographed in one of these in […]

  • Electric Planing Mill Fire, Box 83, 1948

    Electric Planing Mill Fire, Box 83, 1948

    Other than “Electric Plane Mill, 1948” (sic), there’s nothing more on the lid of the box. The Electric Planing Mill was situated on 545 S Monroe Street in the Stockton City Directory of 1943. This Mill is no longer mentioned in the 1949 Stockton City Director for obvious reasons. All negatives in this box related […]

  • Wilson-Pastor Wedding, Box 82, Feb 1948

    Wilson-Pastor Wedding, Box 82, Feb 1948

    The only readable inscription on this box of negatives is Wilson Wedding, Feb 1, 1948. I was able to figure out, through some genealogical sleuthing, that this was the Everett E Wilson (1922-2012) wedding with Angela Pastor (1926-2018). What made it a bit easier was the 1948 yearbook I bought on Ebay few months back. […]

  • Various, Box 80, 1946-1951

    Various, Box 80, 1946-1951

    This negative box is a catch-all box. Joel wrote on the lid 1948-1951, but I found at least two San Francisco negatives from 1946. Sooo … here we go with the different subjects: “Turner School” is the first subject written on the lid. I have no reference to any school with that name in Stockton, […]

  • Christmas, Box 77, Dec 1948

    Christmas, Box 77, Dec 1948

    After photographing all these products for K.P.F. Electric, it is time for a Christmas meal. August Julius Pahl is inviting and doing the honors. The year prior we’ve seen Christmas dinner at his place also (1947) with Jack Pahl and Genevieve Brooks and the children. The rest of the images are all about unwrapping presents […]

  • K.P.F. Electric, Box 76, Dec 1948

    K.P.F. Electric, Box 76, Dec 1948

    K.P.F. Electric was a San Francisco company, founded in 1904, and August Julius Pahl was the managing president. There’s no longer much to find about the company, and I was always wondering what type of electrical engineering they were involved in. This box of negatives gives the answer I was looking for. K.P.F. Electric was […]