Month: May 2022

  • Tau Kappa Kappa, Box 33, 1947

    Tau Kappa Kappa, Box 33, 1947

    Joel photographed one of the social events of the Tau Kappa Kappa living community. There’s no specific date other than the expiration date for the box is labeled as July 1947. Verifying with images from Naranjado, I can confirm that, although the majority of faces line up with 1948 Tau Kappa Kappa images, some faces […]

  • Aloha Crash, Box 32, 1947

    Aloha Crash, Box 32, 1947

    Leave it up to Joel to take poolside photographs. The box contains a total of 16 negatives and based on pencil marks, these date June-July 1947, all taken at the Pacific Pool. I didn’t find an Aloha teamed COP event in 1947, but there was one in 1946. Some of the earlier pool images Joel […]

  • Ceramics, Box 31, Nov 1947

    Ceramics, Box 31, Nov 1947

    This box presents a bit of a dilemma. “Art” is clear, the “November 21, 1947” date is clear, but there’s also a name and address on the box that makes it all hard to reconcile Oscar Galgiani, 165 E. Harding Way. Oscar Vincent Galgiani is indeed a renowned Stocktonian artist, and he did live at […]

  • Portraits, Box 30, July 1947

    Portraits, Box 30, July 1947

    Two subjects in this box of 17 negatives. “P. Bush, July 1947” and “John Pearce Child, July 1947” I’ll be showing all the converted negatives, even after 75 years, these are someone’s relatives or ancestors. P. Bush ends up to be a number of portraits of a young couple sunbathing in a grassy area. I […]

  • More, Box 29, 1947

    More, Box 29, 1947

    Joel’s attempts to photograph through a storefront window stood out in the remainder of this box. It is notoriously difficult to get the subject right because of the reflections. I do sense this was a photography class assignment. And these reflections, in addition to see-through opportunities, can give us additional clues. There’s a partial “C […]

  • Catch-All, Box 29, 1947

    Catch-All, Box 29, 1947

    This box had 31 negatives and covers quite a few subjects but also has a number of negatives that are clearly rejects for various reasons. Still, Joel didn’t throw anything away. And even the rejects give us insight in what he likes to photograph. The only writing on this box is “Weston 50”. The latter […]

  • Eano Canepa, Box 28, 1947

    Eano Canepa, Box 28, 1947

    This box simply says Eano Canepa Graduation 1947 and Sum (sic) Dinner 1947 A total of 16 negatives. Ten graduation related and 6 images of friends at dinner. According to Naranjado 1947, Eano graduated in June 1947. This anchors the date on the images. Why would Joel photograph Eano’s graduation ? They were close friends […]

  • SJC Art, Box 27, April 1947

    SJC Art, Box 27, April 1947

    Not a real surprise to find more SJC artwork in the boxes. There seems to be some continuity as I did find three 1946 pieces duplicated in this box of negatives. It’s a mix of 3D and 2D work, with the 2D work yielding a few names of students. Matter of figuring out who Joel […]

  • Coloma, Box 26, Jan 1948

    Coloma, Box 26, Jan 1948

    Although it is quite obvious that James Marshall was not the first one to find gold in California, it was this carpenter from New Jersey, working on John Sutter’s Mill, who made the effective discovery which electrified the world, altered the course of western history, greatly accelerated the development of California, and had national and […]

  • Box Car City, Box 25, 1946

    Box Car City, Box 25, 1946

    I took me some research to figure out what the contents were of this box. The lid had following notations; Houses, Terminous, Woodbridge, Stockton 1946. Checking the history of Terminous online, I found a reference to “Box Car City” and then the light bulb went on. All these shacks were clearly built on box car […]