SJC Art, Box 27, April 1947

Not a real surprise to find more SJC artwork in the boxes. There seems to be some continuity as I did find three 1946 pieces duplicated in this box of negatives.

It’s a mix of 3D and 2D work, with the 2D work yielding a few names of students. Matter of figuring out who Joel is hanging out with.

3D Art, Wood and Metal Wire, also photographed in 1946
3D Mobile, mirrored background, April 1947
3D Artwork, wood carving, April 1947
Painted and Stenciled 3D Art, mirrored.

Joel is playing with mirrors to give more dimension to the artwork.

3D Art, Wood and metal wire, mirrored, 1947
3D Art. 1947
3D Art, Wood, also photographed in 1946
3D Art, mirrored, 1947
3D Art, Clay or Plaster, 1947
3D Art. Wood and String, also photographed in 1946
3D Art. Clay or Plaster, Painted, 1947

Either Joel photographed three 1946 pieces that were left behind or 1946 negatives ended up in the 1947 box.

As stated before, the 2D Lettering and Logo work yields a few student names, so we should be able to track their graduation dates.

Helen Lapcik and Ruth Wilson, April 1947
Colour News Stock, E. James and Lee Baxter
Effect Lettering, Ruth Wilson, top, Bob Wilson, bottom.
Trademarks and Monograms, Helen Lapcik, top, and Carolyn Harris, bottom.
Rose Schimpf, top, and Ruth Wilson, bottom/
E. James, top, and Kathleen McLean, bottom

For Joel, this is class work, matter of keeping the skills up. All image in this box are well lit and have good angles for the 3D work, compared to some prior work we’ve seen in 1942. There’s progress.

More 1947 B&W negatives in the next blogpost before diving into more color work.

Cheers !

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    • Thanks again, I’ll have to check it out as there are a few clothing stores Joel photographed around that time.


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