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  • More Fire, Technicolor Slides, 1971

    More Fire, Technicolor Slides, 1971

    These slides were found in a slide box with a 1971 date stamp on it. There are multiple seemingly unrelated subjects and I’ll share these over a few blog posts. Joel photographed quite a few fires, this time he captured activity that may very well be outside of Stockton. These slides are Ektachromes processed by…

  • Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    Kodachrome, June 14, 1946

    This box had escaped my attention before since we had a miscellaneous Sept 1946 blog post already. This box however, confirms the Regatta images to be prior to June 14, 1946 as similar scene’s unfold now in full color. You may remember this images from previous post. Below is the color equivalent, taken a few…

  • Kodachrome, April 23, 1946

    Kodachrome, April 23, 1946

    April 23, 1946 says the processing slip in the next box of Kodachromes sent back to Joel from the Los Angeles processing center. Clearly after the war, so we know Joel made it back home. There are 12 slides in a box of 12, but that doesn’t mean that they are in the proper box…