More Fire, Technicolor Slides, 1971

These slides were found in a slide box with a 1971 date stamp on it. There are multiple seemingly unrelated subjects and I’ll share these over a few blog posts.

Joel photographed quite a few fires, this time he captured activity that may very well be outside of Stockton.

These slides are Ektachromes processed by Technicolor, there’s some color shift but the overall quality is acceptable after 50+ years in storage.

It appears this fire activity is in a harbor/warehouse location. There are just not enough signs to make out the location.

Firemen in action, circa 1971
Firetruck, hoses, smoke … circa 1971
Firetruck close-up.

The fire department truck reads “Harbor xxx Fire Department”. Part of the text is obscured, locality couldn’t be determined.

As always, clues and ideas are welcome !

Cheers !

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