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  • COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    COP Basketball, Box 105, 1959

    The images in previous blog post were all from the bench at the Pepperdine vs COP match from Feb 4, 1959. Box 105 has two more match dates scribbled on the side. San Jose State played COP on January 16, 1959 and USF played COP on Feb 13, one week after the Pepperdine match. Following […]

  • Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    Naranjado, Sports, 1959, Box 105, 1959

    While Joel was at SJC and COP, he submitted with great regularity images for the Pacific Weekly and the COP yearbook, Naranjado. Quite a few of his images were published from 1942 through 1948. Some years with credit but quite a few times there were no credits for the photographers that were not part of […]

  • COP-Chico State, JFC, Dec 1956

    COP-Chico State, JFC, Dec 1956

    This basketball game was found in one of the 4×5 negative sleeves from the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives. The date on the sleeve is Dec, 1956. Since the Chico State basketball game is discussed in the December 7, 1956 Pacific Weekly, all seems to fit. Further research showed this game was played on […]

  • Basketball, Box 38, Jan 1948

    Basketball, Box 38, Jan 1948

    Before we look at images, today’s post is on June 6, 2022, and that would have been my 101st birthday ! Although I’m in reality stuck at 100, I’m having a lot of fun reliving taking all those images you’re all looking at. My goodness ! Happy Birthday to me ! Today we’re going through […]

  • Team Sports, Box 15, 1946

    Team Sports, Box 15, 1946

    We’ve seen Joel photograph basketball and football before. He’s covering the team plays at COP. Photographing sports is difficult, even more so then than now. It takes a lot of practice and there was no instant feedback. The photographer had to wait till development time to gauge the quality of his or her images. Photographing […]