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  • Technicolor Trains, circa 1972

    Technicolor Trains, circa 1972

    The 35mm slides from today’s blog post are in Technicolor frames. Technicolor was a large lab authorised by Kodak to develop their Kodachrome film material using the approved process. This simply means that all Technicolor framed slides are actually Kodachromes and one can expect the advantages of longeavtity. The 5 slides from circa Nov 1972 […]

  • Train, Portraits, 1972

    Train, Portraits, 1972

    This box only had 5 Ektachrome slides left. According to the date, these are taken between June-August 1972. Two train images somewhere in the Glenbrook, CA area. “Glenbrook”¬†is a former settlement in Nevada County,¬†California, located near Grass Valley. It was listed on an official map as of 1949. Joel captured this detail fo the lantern […]

  • The Flying Scotsman, April 1972

    The Flying Scotsman, April 1972

    We’re a bit behind looking at the color images Joel made in various formats. Color photography was for the longest time considered a pass-time for tourists and amateur photographers. The printing technology was not there and fading or shifting of colors was the standard. This didn’t keep Joel from experimenting with color and the different […]

  • Stockton Prints, Sleeve 4, 1972

    Stockton Prints, Sleeve 4, 1972

    We’re taking a big jump in time. Keeping some sort of chronology, with Joel organizing his negatives in various sleeves, stored across multiple boxes, becomes difficult. This particular sleeve stood out as the writing reads “Stockton, prints made, 16×20”. This is a pretty large print format and with matte for framing, leads easily to a […]