Stockton Prints, Sleeve 4, 1972

We’re taking a big jump in time. Keeping some sort of chronology, with Joel organizing his negatives in various sleeves, stored across multiple boxes, becomes difficult.

This particular sleeve stood out as the writing reads “Stockton, prints made, 16×20”.

This is a pretty large print format and with matte for framing, leads easily to a 20×24″ frame size or even larger. (I personally prefer 22 x 28″ or even 22x 30″ for frames making a statement on a wall.)

There was a mix of negatives in this sleeve. Few 3×4″ press format, few 4×5″ large format, and then there was something I didn’t see yet. Joel would transfer his 120 film format of 2″1/4 wide to a 4.5″ wide negative for easier printing. Although this results in some optical losses, it also gives Joel the opportunity to clean up the original negative a bit prior to printing.

Few of the images have a 1972 label on the sleeve. One image is from 1971 based on similar material in a 1971 sleeve. So, 1972 as an average date for this printing effort is not out of line. Joel submitted prints for contests and exhibits on a regular basis.

Ferris Wheel – K MART, enlarged 120 format negative.

There’s a Firestone sign at left, just above the Bank of California sign. The plane ride says “TRABANT” at the entrance. Shopping cart barely visible in the center of the emage.

Girl at Victory Park, press format negative.
Girl at Victory Park, press format negative

Two beautiful atmospheric fog images at Victory Park. Second image shows a corner of the Haggin Museum.

Fisherman and kids at Weber Point, enlarged 120 format negative, 1971

There’s more of the above image material available in a sleeve dated Nov 1971. And, yes, this enlarged 120 format negative could easily cover a 16″ x 24″ format for a nice panoramic print in a 22×30″ frame.

LINDEN – Horse on Hill, press format negative.

Two Linden images in this series, the second one equally carrying some atmospheric weight. Also an enlarged 120 format negative on a press format negative, all based on Joel’s notes.

LINDEN – The Pond

Next image is equally not a Stockton image. Taken at Lake Tahoe near a waterfall.

Lake Tahoe, girl and tree, June 1972.

Again a 1972 date associated with an image. It’s another 120 format image Joel enlarged so much larger format.

The date on the next non-Stockton image is June 10, 1972.

HOUSE, Virginia City, June 10, 1972, Nevada.

Although the above enlarged 120 format negative has some quality issues, that will not prevent a 16×20″ print. This is a good example of urban/rural decay. The house is barely holding up.

The last image in this series is presumably Stockton, but I can imagine this being another city. Yet another urban decay example, it never totally leaves a city.

Door + Clock + 7up sign

The clock reads “Will return” at top and “Aw Shucks” at the bottom.

Joel has large print ideas and most likely printed out quite a few 16×20″ prints, as seen at his March 2022 estate sale.

Cheers !


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