Technicolor Trains, circa 1972

The 35mm slides from today’s blog post are in Technicolor frames. Technicolor was a large lab authorised by Kodak to develop their Kodachrome film material using the approved process.

This simply means that all Technicolor framed slides are actually Kodachromes and one can expect the advantages of longeavtity.

The 5 slides from circa Nov 1972 show barely signs of fading !

Joel was yet at another train site, possibly a train museum of sorts, to take images of trains and associated equipment. i’ve not been able to identify the location.

Abandoned railroad sign switch, circa Nov 1972
Railroad crossing sign with light and bell, wagons at left. Circa Nov 1972
Abandoned gears, circa Nov 1972
Out-of-commission steam train, unidentified location, circa Nov 1972
Weatherized travel trunks, circa 1972

In addition to boats, Joel has something for trains also. Possibly the exhibit of the Flying Scotsman stimulated Joel to photograph more.

Cheers !


2 responses to “Technicolor Trains, circa 1972”

  1. I’m wondering if this is the Western Railway Museum. I remember driving past it as a kid in the 70’s. I remember the dry grass in the summer. The museum has expanded since 1972 (it has been around since the 60’s). Their website is See what you think.

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