Train, Portraits, 1972

This box only had 5 Ektachrome slides left. According to the date, these are taken between June-August 1972.

Two train images somewhere in the Glenbrook, CA area.

Glenbrook” is a former settlement in Nevada County, California, located near Grass Valley. It was listed on an official map as of 1949.

Glenbrook, Train, circa June-Aug 1972

Joel captured this detail fo the lantern and the smoke stack. It’s pretty clear that these colors shifted over time.

Glenbrook, Train, Smoke stack and lantern, circa June-Aug 1972

The three remaining images are re-enactment style portraits for a friend reliving the Western Frontier Saloon grandeur. Guns et all. It’s obvious that this is for fun only.

Double barrel shotgun
Repeating Rifle.

There must have been more images in this series as a roll has at least 12 shots. They most likely ended up in someone’s collection.

Cheers !


3 responses to “Train, Portraits, 1972”

    • Thanks Bill, I’ve seen the name on much later images, but wouldn’t have recognized Bob. I guess Joel and Bob were friends.


      • I didn’t recognize him at first, not having known him when he was that young. But the third photo clicked. He and his wife Judy were customers of my book store and Bob played bagpipes at my store’s expansion opening.

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