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  • More Fire, Technicolor Slides, 1971

    More Fire, Technicolor Slides, 1971

    These slides were found in a slide box with a 1971 date stamp on it. There are multiple seemingly unrelated subjects and I’ll share these over a few blog posts. Joel photographed quite a few fires, this time he captured activity that may very well be outside of Stockton. These slides are Ektachromes processed by […]

  • Red Lake, Tree, JFC, 1974

    Red Lake, Tree, JFC, 1974

    A total of four negatives in this 4×5″ negative sleeve out of the Jessica Fong collection of Dardis negatives. The tree is clearly the same tree we discussed in the “Carson Pass” sleeve. Red Lake is indeed in the Carson Pass area in the Eastern Sierras. The description fits. The 1974 date doesn’t jive with […]

  • Selfies with Koni-Omega camera, JFC, 1971

    Selfies with Koni-Omega camera, JFC, 1971

    This sleeve with 4×5″ negatives are all Joel selfies, upon closer examination, there are only two poses, and Joel created different “looks” of these negatives. It’s only a guess that these are circa 1971, but could of course be a few years later. Joel is 50 in 1971. The camera Joel is holding is Koni-Omega […]

  • Carson Pass, JFC, Nov 1971

    Carson Pass, JFC, Nov 1971

    These images taken in and around Carson Pass. This is an area Joel visited a few times. Earliest photograph in this area was a 1941 Kodachrome when Joel joined the College of Pacific yearly Death Valley trip. Carson Pass is a mountain pass on the crest of the central Sierra Nevada, in the Eldorado National Forest and Alpine County, eastern California. This area […]

  • Weber Point, Sleeve 3, 1971-72

    Weber Point, Sleeve 3, 1971-72

    These negatives are similar to the ones we discussed yesterday. Enlarged 120 roll film to a 4.5 x 7″ format. All these images are photographed at or around Weber Point. The finished or almost finished I-5 is visible in the background in few of the shots. The first 4 images were photographed in short succession […]

  • I-5 construction, Sleeve 3, 1971

    I-5 construction, Sleeve 3, 1971

    This sleeve contains enlarged negatives. The original negatives are 120 film format with a 2 1/4″ width. The length of the negatives was 3.5″. After enlarging, the size becomes 4.5″ x 7″. These negatives were most likely photographed with the Koni-Omega camera Joel acquired somewhere late 1959. Enlarging would have been done on his standard […]