Weber Point, Sleeve 3, 1971-72

These negatives are similar to the ones we discussed yesterday. Enlarged 120 roll film to a 4.5 x 7″ format.

All these images are photographed at or around Weber Point. The finished or almost finished I-5 is visible in the background in few of the shots.

The first 4 images were photographed in short succession in pretty much the same spot. The newly built bridge is visible in the background.

Weber Point, circa 1971
Weber Point, circa 1971
Weber Point, circa 1971
Weber Point, circa 1971

The above photographs all have a wide-angle lens feel, most likely Joel used his 90mm lens on his Kino-Omega.

The two hangars visible at the top right hand side in three of the images, were photographed in 1941 by Joel on Kodachrome. These hangers would disappear in the early 1980’s, taken out for the Waterfront development.

Next three images are photographed from the other side. The new bridge is still visible in the background and the white warehouse building is equally still there.

Around Weber Point, circa 1971
Around Weber Point, circa 1971
Around Weber Point, circa 1971

The building that keeps popping up in the background is the Paper Company from Blake, Moffitt and Towne. There were a very large paper business, with warehouses throughout California, Oregon and Washington. They started in San Francisco around 1855. Blake, Moffitt and Towne had a commercial warehouse in Stockton from about 1955 to 1985.

Boat Storage, Stockton, 1971-1972
Fishing near the Stockton Harbor, 1971-72
Cement factory, Stockton Harbor, 1971-1972
Cement factory, Stockton Harbor, 1971-1972

Joel walked both sides of the Channel, images are alternatively taken from both sides. The absence of clouds formations in some of these images points to different days of photography.

Needless to state that in the image below many buildings are very recognizable in the skyline. But the whole area is significantly changed since then. It’s actually quite refreshing to see the Stockton Hotel and the third Courthouse from this location.

Weber Point in 1971-1972

The last image in this blog post was photographed on another day based on the lack of clouds in the sky. There’s water visible, so most likely this was around Weber Point, or at least in the vicinity.

Rides, somewhere around Weber Point, circa 1971-1972

End of the exploration for today. Joel was witness to drastic changes at the Stockton waterfront during his lifetime.

Cheers !

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