I-5 construction, Sleeve 3, 1971

This sleeve contains enlarged negatives.

The original negatives are 120 film format with a 2 1/4″ width. The length of the negatives was 3.5″. After enlarging, the size becomes 4.5″ x 7″. These negatives were most likely photographed with the Koni-Omega camera Joel acquired somewhere late 1959. Enlarging would have been done on his standard enlarger. These large negatives make it quick and easy to make contact prints, or use them for standard 11×14 or larger prints.

Having an inter-negative allows for some images corrections as needed, these negatives are all optimally exposed under the available light conditions.

The sleeve has “Weber Point” written on it, and a number of negatives are indeed from Weber Point. But I found 4 negatives with images of the I-5 construction. This dates these images around 1971. The Stockton I-5 segment opened in 1972.

I’ll let the image speak for themselves. It was clearly a massive undertaking spanning a couple of years.

Stockton I-5 construction, circa 1971
Stockton I-5 construction, circa 1971
Stockton I-5 construction, circa 1971

It’s clear, based on the cloud formations, that these images were photographed on different days.

Keeping the other Weber Point images for next blog post. There’s just too much going on in these.

Cheers !

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