Wilson-Pastor Wedding, Box 82, Feb 1948

The only readable inscription on this box of negatives is Wilson Wedding, Feb 1, 1948.

I was able to figure out, through some genealogical sleuthing, that this was the Everett E Wilson (1922-2012) wedding with Angela Pastor (1926-2018).

What made it a bit easier was the 1948 yearbook I bought on Ebay few months back. This has every Wilson marked in the book, so obviously, this book was owned by a “Wilson”, possibly Everett WIlson himself. What are the chances !

I’m posting all the wedding images without much comments, these are clearly left for genealogical use as the couple had children and grandchildren.

Everett graduated at the same time as Joel in 1948, so they were most likely friends. Both had served in WWII, that provided an extra bond.

I didn’t find any getting-ready images for this wedding, but they could be stuffed in another box.

Bride entering, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton
Bride and father, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Bride and groom during ceremony, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Mr and Mrs WIlson as married couple, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton
Mr and Mrs WIlson as married couple, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton
Signing the marriage certificate, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton, Chancellor Tully C. Knoles and Everett Eliot Wilson

UPDATE: Per Andrea Lillie’s gracious comment on Facebook; “Looking over the wedding box photos, I can identify Morris Chapel as the location of the wedding. The man officiating the wedding appears to be the famous Tully C. Knoles !”

Bridal party, Feb 1, 1948
Groom and groomsmen, Feb 1, 1948
Reception line, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton.

The reception with sandwich meal is at the Stockton Gun and Rod Club, still in existence.

Stockton Gun and Rod club, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Cake, sandwiches and punch, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Cutting cake, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Cutting cake, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton
Angela feeding Everett cake ! Feb 1, 1948, Stockton
Sandwiches, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Sandwiches, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton (Printed)
Wedding gifts, Feb 1, 1948 (Printed)
Inspecting the wedding gifts, Feb 1, 1948, Stockton

The rest of the images are portraits of two still unidentified men, we’ll see these at a later time.

Although Everett and Angela were both students in 1948 at College of Pacific, their engagement and subsequent wedding are not announced in the Pacific Review periodical.

Everett Eliot Wilson was representative of the Ex-Committee at College of the Pacific in 1948. He was equally President of the Alpha Kappa Phi fraternity and part of the inter-fraternity council. Angela Pastor-Wilson was Tau Kappa Kappa in 1948, and her name is listed as A. Wilson in the 1948 Naranjado College of Pacific yearbook.

For genealogy sake, the grave headstone of Everett and Angela, RIP.

Everett Elliott WIlson and Angela Pastor, Gridley-Biggs Cemetery, Butte County, California

Cheers !

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