Christmas, Box 77, Dec 1948

After photographing all these products for K.P.F. Electric, it is time for a Christmas meal.

August Julius Pahl is inviting and doing the honors. The year prior we’ve seen Christmas dinner at his place also (1947) with Jack Pahl and Genevieve Brooks and the children.

August Julius Pahl, President of K.P.F. Electric, San Francisco, Dec 1948
August Julius Pahl, Clara Pahl, Laura Smith and Amy Pahl, left-to-right, Dec 1948
After dinner presents, Laura Smith at right, A.J. Pahl’s second spouse.

The rest of the images are all about unwrapping presents and some obligate couple shots from A.J and Laura.

Laura Smith and A.J. Pahl, Dec 1948, San Francisco home.
Laura Smith, Dec 1948, San Francisco Home.
A.J. Pahl unwrapping his stack of Christmas presents, Dec 1948, San Francisco
Couple photograph at the Christmas tree, Dec 1948, San Francisco
Repeat photograph with the blinds open this time, Dec 1948, San Francisco.

There was one more misplaced negative in this box from the same timeframe. It’s a double exposure of the Christmas pageant that was shot probably a few days earlier.

Joel somehow printed this image, so the double exposure might not have been accidental at all, just an experiment and see if he got “lucky” to capture an interesting superposition. From my perspective, it’s a “not”.

Double exposure at COP Christmas Pageant, Dance scene, Dec 20, 1948

There are plenty of more boxes to scan with press negatives. Can’t wait ! And as usual, it’s the good, bad and ugly.

Cheers !

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