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  • SJC Art, Box 27, April 1947

    SJC Art, Box 27, April 1947

    Not a real surprise to find more SJC artwork in the boxes. There seems to be some continuity as I did find three 1946 pieces duplicated in this box of negatives. It’s a mix of 3D and 2D work, with the 2D work yielding a few names of students. Matter of figuring out who Joel…

  • Press Negatives, Box 12, 1946

    Press Negatives, Box 12, 1946

    Joel left quite a few press negative boxes behind with 1942 and 1943 “process by” dates, but pencil dates between 1946 and 1948. Looks like Joel had quite some boxes in stock prior to his WWII service, and back in Stockton at the Stockton Junior College, he’s using this stock up first. It shouldn’t come…

  • Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Looking at the last box of press format negatives in the box labeled ART, Jan-June 1942

  • Press Format Negatives, 1942

    Press Format Negatives, 1942

    The Press format is a 3 1/4″ x 4 1.4″ format, sometimes referred to as “3×4”. This format is a size smaller than 4″ x 5″, the latter being considered the entry size to “large format film”. It’s called “Press” format as it was a very popular format for bread and butter press photographers at…