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  • Pacific Weekly, Box 53, 1947

    Pacific Weekly, Box 53, 1947

    When a box is marked “Weekly”, Joel refers to submissions for the Pacific Weekly, a College of Pacific Student Newsletter. It is not clear if any of these negatives were actually published in the Pacific Weekly, but I’ve seen some of them end up in the COP yearbook, The Naranjado. (Most often without giving credit […]

  • Events, Box 13, 1946

    Events, Box 13, 1946

    I realize that “Events” is a broad denominator, but without comparable images from Naranjado 1946 or without any corroborating stories in the Pacific Review around this time period, we can’t be absolutely sure which event(s) are depicted below. But “events” are definitely something Joel documents through photography rather than participating, or so it seems. All […]

  • Campus Days, Box 13, 1946

    Campus Days, Box 13, 1946

    What, when and where, is not mentioned by Joel but we can safely assume that this is on a College of the Pacific property during one of their sponsored events. Some of the faces start to look familiar. There were 24 negatives in this section, quite a few are duplicates though, This is, a copy […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 12, 1946

    Press Negatives, Box 12, 1946

    Joel left quite a few press negative boxes behind with 1942 and 1943 “process by” dates, but pencil dates between 1946 and 1948. Looks like Joel had quite some boxes in stock prior to his WWII service, and back in Stockton at the Stockton Junior College, he’s using this stock up first. It shouldn’t come […]

  • COP Events, Football, 1942

    To close this series of press negatives off, below are all the images from events labeled 1942. The majority are from a football match. There’s absolutely no other information available. Shooting sports with a press camera is no mean feat. There is no time to focus, all shooting is done in predetermined focus zones and […]

  • SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 3

    SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 3

    Third box has following written on it; DARDIS, ART, UOP, Streetcar. The expiration date of this film was set at Sept 1941, so I’m pretty sure all these negatives were shot early 1941. Some signatures of the artist equally have ’41 or 1941 attached. Although only designed for 12 negatives, Joel stashed 21 negatives in […]