Pacific Weekly, Box 53, 1947

When a box is marked “Weekly”, Joel refers to submissions for the Pacific Weekly, a College of Pacific Student Newsletter.

It is not clear if any of these negatives were actually published in the Pacific Weekly, but I’ve seen some of them end up in the COP yearbook, The Naranjado. (Most often without giving credit to Joel.)

The subject tonight is another swimming event, this is most likely an SJC event but there could be few COP images in it as well. Both had independent swim meets.

Showing the images in the order they’re retrieved out of the box … the good, bad and the ugly.

Crawl stroke, Jack Ferrill, SJC, 1947
SJC Coach Bill Anttilla talking to Gene Nyquist, Jack Ferrill and Bill Phillips, SJC, 1947
Captain Jack Ferrill, SJC, breaststroke, 1947 and published in 1948 Naranjado.
Team group shot, SJC, 1947
Team group shot, SJC, 1947
Unidentified swimmer, possibly Chuck Moore, SJC, 1947
Unidentified swimmer, possibly Mc Candles, SJC, 1947 (Printed)
Coaches Chris Kjeldsen (COP) and Bill Anttilla (SJC), 1947 (Printed)

Next two images could be considered duds, but Joel tried something here and it just didn’t work out as intended. Shutter timing is off in one image and the hands are out of the frame in the other. He could only know for sure after development. Pretty sure he would have taken a third shot if possible.

Gene Nyquist, backstroke start, SJC, 1947 (Printed)
Gene Nyquist, backstroke start, SJC, 1947 (Printed)

Last image in the box is a double exposure of some heavy equipment in a mine or agricultural setting or so. We’ve seen a few images from Joel related to mines and farming, so I’ll keep it at that as an educated guess till we find more evidence of similar equipment in a different box.

The above image was printed, so Joel must have felt that it had meaning to him as an “abstract”.

Cheers !

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