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  • Happy Anniversary to us !

    Happy Anniversary to us !

    No traditional blog post today as we’re celebrating our anniversary. The previous blog post was the 200th consecutive blog post out of 234, since March 2022, on this journey through the photographic life of Stockton photographer Joel Pahl Dardis (1921-2021). My lyric soprano spouse Morgan, the granddaughter of renowned photographers Wynn and Edna Bullock, is […]

  • Soap Box Derby, Box 103, 1959

    Soap Box Derby, Box 103, 1959

    This is the second Stockton Soap Box Derby I find in Joel’s negatives. He was covering the 4th Soap Box Derby in Stockton on Saturday, July 12, 1959. All images are photographed in press format, so Joel is most likely using his trusty Graflex RB Super D in this case. I’ve scanned attached the newspaper […]

  • The rest of the Kodachrome 1941 box

    I found a few other slides in this box, some from 1941, few later dates. Few of them are clearly not Kodachrome quality. It’s clear he made these on local trips, although Santa Cruz and Carmel are not necessarily “local” in 1941. Road conditions were definitely not the same in these days. Here is the […]

  • First Color Slides

    First Color Slides

    The second item standing out between all the factory standard negative boxes and paper sleeves, was the E. Leitz coverglass box, containing at one point in time 2″ x 2″ glass. These cover glasses were used to assemble the early 2″ x 2″ slides, before factory standard cardboard or plastic frames. In the early years […]

  • In the beginning

    In the beginning

    While perusing the hundreds of 2 1/4″ medium frame negative sleeves and some 200+ boxes of 4″x5″ and press sized negatives, I came across an item that stood out, as there was only one. A small cardboard container with a lid at both ends. It appears the processing of whatever is in this container was […]

  • Joel Pahl Dardis

    Joel Pahl Dardis

    I only learned about Joel Pahl Dardis by attending his estate sale on March 12, 2022, after being alerted to it that day by my friend Jessica Fong, Director of the Stockton Art League Goodwin Gallery on Miracle Mile. One look at the photography item tables, and it became immediately clear that this was a […]